Anybody out there, out there, out there….?

Anybody out there, out there, out there….?

Ha! So, I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus from the blog because, in short, I am a technology idiot. Pleases don’t tell my mom (the DBA aka computer genius)! She would be soooo disappointed!

Anydoodles, I’ve been your basic hot mess while I was away. So, nothing new, right?

Austin did turn 1, though! Did I mention the child STILL does not sleep through the night? Yep. Hence the hot mess description.

The big news is that there are only 5 more weeks until summer break, but whose counting. Also, Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-Rita’s are super delicious. Don’t act like everytime you saw those babies in the supermarket beer aisle you weren’t wondering!



Ok, Thank you for following me through my dark days! Missed you!! xoxo

Blogging to you from the Tampa Bay Times Forum

Blogging to you from the Tampa Bay Times Forum

It is another rare occasion where I get to have an adult night with cocktails.

Matt and I are at the lightening game. And, since I know you are surprised that I am finding an evening out at a sports game exciting, please check out my view…


Yeah. We’re in the suite and that would be wine.

Because that is the only I would be able to make it through a hockey game, folks.

But, that’s not even the best part.


I KNOW! Unlimited M&M’s.

Am I at a hockey game or did I make it into heaven?

I feel like Beyonce.

That is all.

PS- yes, I would be wearing sequins to a hockey game. That’s how I roll.

Still slowly going certifiable over here…

Still slowly going certifiable over here…

Well, I’ve been in another state of funkiness that I blame 100% on lack of sleep. How long can a person go without REM before going cray cray? Anyway, as usual this is making me a little loopy.

For instance, today I had an epiphany, while driving, that I need to market a diet called LC Squared (or it would have the little 2 next to the C but my phone won’t do that).

LC stands for “Less Calories,” and “Lots of Caffeine.”

Genius no? Plus it sounds better than the “College Girl Diet,” and it’s catchy. Also, let us not forget I’ve lost like 65 pounds doing that.

In other news, I also feel very strongly right now that I need to start stamping metal and have even looked at metal stamping kits. Don’t you just loved stamped jewelry? Let’s not worry about the part where I don’t even have half a millisecond to devote to this new hobby.

Come on.

Hand stamped jewelry.

So puurrrttttyyy!

Alright. I guess I’ll just go to bed then…

My 2013 Parenting Resolution

My 2013 Parenting Resolution

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages screen time for children under age two and recommends one to two hours for older children. However, if you are a parent like me, then you know that this can be difficult to do. The daily grind of balancing work, family, and home obligations can make it convenient for parents to rely on screen time to occupy their children while they attend to other matters. It is not uncommon to see small children watching videos on a parent’s phone as they walk through the grocery store aisles. I admit…[Continue Reading]

Crocs! I love/hate you!

Crocs! I love/hate you!

So, today I am wearing tights (becaues it is cold) with crocs.

Does this say to you, “Hi, I’m hiding bunions?”

Or, “I like to look like a nurse and not actually be one. It prevents me from seeing all the yucky stuff and yet have all the glory.”

Whatever. It feels amazing and I love being able to hose my shoes down at the end of the day.

Crocs, why must you torture me so with your ugliness and lack of fashion trend??


Ok, let’s move on from my rubber addiction and move on to bigger and better things, like how I went shopping the other day and actually enjoyed it.

This may seem like a simple task for many of you, but when you have been trapped in someone else’s body (or rather babies have been trapped in you) for the better part of three years, it’s not so fun to shop when you have enough skin on your belly you could actually form another human.

And then there was “Perfect Form” at White House Black Market. I must admit that I fell in love with myself all over again. (ok, not really, but sort of).


Who needs to lose weight when there is perfect form, curvy skinny’s, and spanks?

I love you like I love my ice cream, Perfect Form….

Since when did Jamie become a person?

Since when did Jamie become a person?

Lately, I’ve been so surprised over many of the things that Jamie says and does. I mean, I always knew she was a person, but I’m really starting to see this person in full force.

For instance, I got a new ipad and Jamie and I had a whole conversation about this that went something like this…

Jamie pointing to the ipad: “Mama, Dinosaur Train!”
Me: “Ok, I”ll go put it on the tv”
Jamie pointing to ipad again: ” No, there!”
Me: “No, that’s Mama’s”
Jamie: “No, mine!”
Me: “Mama’s.”
Jamie: “MINE!”

And, folks it went on like that for a full 5 minutes back and forth before Austin pulled it off the table and it landed on the floor.

Lately she says things like, “Boo’s a cutie!” Or, “Mama, so gorgeous! Jamie gorgeous, too!”

One day she got mad at Matt and told him to “GO TO WORK, DADA!”

And then there was tonight…..where she sat in her Tinkerbell rocker and let me know in just her skimpies that, “I NOT GO NIGHT NIGHT, MAMA! NO!”


I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry….