High Vibes for 2019

High Vibes for 2019

You guys, I’m one of those romantics with high hopes and low expectations. This sounds like a bad thing, but truly there were many times in my life it has saved me in many ways.

I’m a girl that believes that you get what you put out. I believe you can manifest shit and I sure as hell believe in karma. So, let me tell you that 2018 has been a dud for me, and it is all my fault.

Remember how yesterday I told you that I’m starting to take responsibility for my actions? Well, I take responsibility for my dud year. I specifically remember telling myself AND the Universe that I wanted a boring 2018. I wanted it to be calm and devoid of drama. YOU GUYS, the universe listened, indeed. My 2018 was bo-RING! I mean, nothing much exciting has happened. Period. But I did I ask for boring and boring is what I got. What did I expect?

I had days where I started feeling sorry for myself. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, cause I sure as Hell wasn’t working towards some big goal or anything. Yet, I felt like the Universe owed me some sort of something even though I didn’t know what that sort of something was. Regardless, I still felt disappointed by it. Shame on me!

What in the Holy Hell on roller blades?!

Pray lord, tell me- What in the Hell was I sitting around waiting for? Why did I deserve something amazing when I wasn’t trying for it? Why did I believe the Universe owed me ANYTHING? Why?

Yet, today on December 3, 2018, something very amazing did happen to me. I’m not sure why it happened- I just confessed I’ve been in a stagnant rut for all of 2018. I probably don’t deserve it. Yet, at the very bit at the end of the year, that sort of something I’ve been waiting for happened and I’m delirious.

2019, I promise to put out more into the universe. I’m going to set my intentions and work towards them. I’m not going to wait around anymore waiting for something amazing- that’s just wasted time. I’ve only got today to be the best version of myself. I will no longer remain stagnant.

(Ok, but I’m still not going to move that dang elf around anymore than I absolutely have to. No one’s perfect.)

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