Oh! Hey, guys!!

Oh! Hey, guys!!

The old me would totally apologize for not blogging for this extended period of time, but the new Suzie doesn’t give two F’s. Haha, ok I feel a little guilty (because Catholic guilt never leaves you), but honestly I’m learning my limitations and I’m mostly fine with them at this point in time. I’ve learned that I’m not good at “recreational writing” when I’m doing “academic writing,” which is where I’ve been these days. I’m like a tunnel mind when it comes to creativity. It ebbs and flows.

This last month, I turned 40. Yay, me! Actually, pats on the back of my parents for keeping me alive this long!

I celebrated hard this month, so August will be a detox month, me thinks.

Right now, I’m currently in DC for business. I should be excited because this is the first time I’ve left the state in a year, but I’m homesick and I want real food, my bed, etc. I’m like a big middle-aged mom baby, right now.

I’m actually in a Pho restaurant in Chinatown at the moment. You did just see on my birthday pic that Pho is my favorite, right?? Pay attention.

Here’s the thing, this restaurant is dead silent. I mean, there are people with headphones on and the staff didn’t even speak when I walked in. They put up the number 1, as in “one in my party” and then waved me over. Then I whispered my order. For real. Kids have walked in and they are barely talking. I have no idea what I just walked into, but the reviews were good. Anyway, I’m forced to blog because I honestly feel uncomfortable! Hahahaha (silent laugh because it’s silent in here, remember)! This better be the best Pho I’ve ever had in my life! This is a real test in patience, even alone.

Also, in Chinatown there are $5 sangrias on happy hour. I’ve had a few, and those, my friends, were WELL worth it. You can’t even get a $5 Sangria where I live! Insanity. You have to go to Chinatown for delicious cheap Sangria. I’m shook.

I have come to the realization on this trip that I am officially a cat lady. One of the reasons I’m homesick is because I miss my kitten. Did I tell you, I got a kitten in June? She’s so loving and I miss her snuggles and kisses.

Oh, and I miss my kids, too! WHAT? I do!