Life is Good

Life is Good

You GUYS! OK, I’ve not been blogging as much as I would like, which bums me out. However, I also remember that I put a disclaimer that I would blog when I want, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty about it…..

One thing about me, is that when I am stressed or have things going on, it is difficult to be creative. I put a whole lot of mind into anything I’m doing and that means I become mentally exhausted easily. I really dislike that trait about myself. I wish I wasn’t all or nothing – balance is something I’m always striving for, but aren’t we all? I guess that makes me “normal.” Or at least “normal-ish.”

First, I want to say that my life is great. So, before I go posting about chaos and stress and all of the above, let me just throw it out to the universe that nothing is wrong with me. I’m not depressed, nothing bad is happening to me, I’m not having a mid-life crisis, yet.

Actually, it occurred to me this morning (well, OK at 1 pm – I stayed in bed until noon, today! *gasp*) that I am about as BASIC as a girl can be. I mean, there I was holding this giant cup of coffee, sitting in my neutral palette decorated living room thinking, “I can’t wait to have wine and see my friend tonight!” Also…”I wonder where a girl can find a great pair of magnetic falsies that actually work?”

I am not making that up – I 100% thought those thoughts and then I cracked up laughing (by myself – no kids this weekend) at my outright audacity to be basic and not give two F’s about it.

I is, what I is, PEOPLE!

I maybe even took a pic of said beautiful cup of LOVE JOE, and I maybe even spoke sweet nothings to it…I’m having a love affair with coffee, folks! Call me Basic, call me whatever, I don’t care! This coffee was HOT! *pun intended


Anydoodles, this month has been exceptionally stressful for me. But, not bad. I am fine. We can blame it on the full moons, solar storms, last quarter of fiscal year, transitioning into a new job the last 6 months, birthday parties galore, or whatever. Whatever it is, it is draining me and I feel exhausted. Again, it is not bad, it is just ALOT.

Last year, I saw Winston Scott at a higher education conference and he blew my mind away. I don’t know why it was so profound for me at the time. Maybe I needed to hear his words, but he said some really important things that have never left my mind. The most important story he told is the one I’m going to write about today. I’ll save the other important phrase for another time…

First of all, if you don’t know who Winston Scott is, he is a former NASA astronaut who took not one, but two missions into space. On his second trip, in 1997, he worked on the space station.

Winston said that while he was working on the space station, he could see the Earth in his peripheral. When he saw it, it caused his brain to get confused, because generally he would be on Earth. So, as this happened he began to get vertigo. Winston explained that they are trained as astronauts on how to overcome vertigo, as this is a natural thing that happens while in space. Part of that training is to focus on something that is stable.

He said, “When things in life seem to be chaotic, or that you are losing control, focus on the one thing that is stable.”

This is such a powerful message to me. Let’s be real – no matter how basic, creative, non-creative, rich, poor, black, white, male, female, married, single, parent, child-less – we’ve all got shit. And we all have a breaking point. We all seek balance. We are all the same in that we yearn for balance, happiness, success –  though we measure it differently.

Yesterday, I was almost the last one out of the office and I was drained. I was driving home and as I got to the last intersection, I had the choice to turn right and go home, or turn left and go to the beach. I am most blessed to live 6 miles from the beach.

I turned left. Instead of going home, I saw the sun and the stars, the moon and the birds, the trees and the sea…I focused on that and thought, “What a magical life I have!”

beach 1

beach 2

I may be one Basic Bitch; I may be a single mom; I might make zero money working education; I don’t live in the biggest house in the nicest neighborhood…..



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