Winner, winner, WINE for DINNER!

Winner, winner, WINE for DINNER!

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Well, I’m having a “drink wine for dinner” kinda day. Actually, it’s more like a “stress inhale eat brownies at a work meeting, scarf down eat pizza with wine for dinner” kinda day, if I’m honest.

I know I said I wasn’t going to complain about my job, but I basically spent the entirety of my day battling it out with a student today. I still love my job, even though this person told me how much I suck at it. The great news, is that I taught high school.

If you’ve taught high school, then you know this means I have a tough skin and that it  doesn’t phase me when a student tells me I suck. And it truly doesn’t. It’s just physically exhausting battling someone all day who cannot be reasoned with. If you are a preschool teacher, or mom of preschool age children, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Now, I’m not a person that believes EVERYTHING happens for a reason. However, I am a person that believes there are some things that happen for a reason, and that most things that happen are an opportunity for growth. That may sound oppositional, but what I mean is that I don’t believe when a kids dies from cancer or someone is shot down unnecessarily that it happened for a reason. That’s ludicrous. Those are just random, unfair, things that happen in life. But, there are times in your life when something happens and it is an opportunity to learn and grow from it. These are events that open other doors. I’m trying to re-frame today’s events into an opportunity to grow. Or, maybe I’m drinking wine and hoping to erase it from my mind…..whatevs…

Well, anyway I happened to try to numb my mind with social media and I came across a great article on LinkedIn on re-wiring your brain for happiness.

*side note- WTF, how do the innerwebs KNOW what you’re thinking all the time?? It seriously freaks me out. Can my phone hear me when I’m talking?? Asking for a friend…

So, I found an article on LinkedIn and it pointed out some really interesting facts. Specifically, that our minds are wired to be negative??


This is news to me, even though I do know that when negative things happen to us it can bleed into other parts of our lives. I have always believed that we generally choose positive over negative, though I have no scientific evidence to back up this belief. The line that sticks out to me the most is:

“The brain is like a garden, except its soil is very fertile for weeds.”

Yikes! So, basically our minds are ready to hang onto all our negative experiences and dwell on them. No pun intended, but that is depressing. Seriously, depressing.

I’ve mentioned this to my friends before, but in 2013 I was in a really bad place. I was going through an end of a marriage/divorce and I was struggling with my job. I literally had to find any minuscule bit of happiness to keep me going. I started finding happiness in the smallest ways….interactions with students, a sweet note left by a co-worker, someone letting me into the lane in traffic. I clung to any bit of possible positive events/interactions on a daily basis.

Anydoodles, back to this article: I wasn’t surprised to read how daily “gratitude is linked to physical and psychological benefits, including happiness.” It even goes so far as to say that gratitude makes people 25% happier.

Cliff notes: we need to seek out positive experiences in our lives.

So, tonight I’m going to choose gratitude.

I’m grateful for these two awesome, beautiful, smart, healthy children I have.

I’m grateful for a supportive family that help me make it in this life (aka: free childcare, hugs & kisses, wine parties)

I’m grateful for a supportive system at work that backs me up when students tell them I suck at my job.

What are you grateful for today??


2 thoughts on “Winner, winner, WINE for DINNER!

  1. I am grateful for friends like you that when I am having a bad day and call them, they don’t even mention the bad day they are having, and are awesome and supportive and encouraging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lady. It had only just began right before we spoke. And then it went downhill waaaaaayyy fast! Like an avalanche! 😂 Good to chat today, even if not positive. We need a girls night soon!


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