Deceptive Masculinity

Deceptive Masculinity

Last night before I went to bed, I thought, “How is it almost Thursday?”

OK, but then this morning I woke up and it felt like Friday.

Help a girl out – is it a long week, or is it flying by? I don’t even know anymore. This is literally the longest week ‘to fly by’ EVER. Also, how is it April, already? How it can it be my baby is turning 6 this month? Why is life flashing before my eyes? (Just giving you an idea of what is going on through my mind when I apply makeup at 6:45 am…..)

Anywho, let’s talk about wine, shall we? Wine is a great past time to widdle the hours away. Those who know me best, know that I absolutely L.O.V.E. wine! Wine is like Valium in a fancy glass, dontcha think? It feels like a warm hug or one of those weighted adult blankets <—- need one of these, too…

I’m just going to put it out there and say to the Universe that I don’t drink enough wine. I need to drink more wine. I like to talk about wine. I like to talk about drinking wine. However, I don’t actually drink as much wine as I talk about drinking wine. Frankly, I’m either already too tired when I get home or I have to pay attention to my kids, etc. I do like to think about one day when I’m retired and I can just sit around in my house wearing pearls, listening to Frank Sinatra, and drinking a glass of wine at 10 am. Doesn’t that sound lovely??

Some days, when I’m not thinking about the days of the week and how quickly time is slipping from me, I think about changing careers to be a wine distributor or a sommelier. Do you think Sommelier’s get benefits? (I really need good insurance benefits)

On Saturday, I had dinner with an old friend and we stopped in this new wine bar. It was fantastic. You get this little card that you put into a machine and push buttons and then wine comes out.


The only bad part is that you take the card to the cashier afterwards and have to actually pay money for the transaction. Alas, it is not free wine. Free wine, would make this a perfect machine. Also, one of those wine’s is like $35 for a sip (1 oz), and $85 for a gulp (2.5 oz). You gotta be careful at the wine machine. You’re welcome, for that tip!

The best part was that each wine had a description (not pictured above, but they are sitting right above each wine selection).


YOU GUYS – “deceptive masculinity!”

Does wine ever taste like deceptive masculinity? I never thought so, but then I sipped gulped the wine, and it did. I can say with 100% accuracy that it indeed tasted like deceptive masculinity. It was my favorite. Also, it was only $7 for a gulp, which tastes better in and of itself.

The bigger question here is “HOW DO YOU GET THE JOB WRITING DESCRIPTIONS FOR WINES? Also, does it pay benefits?

Asking for a friend….


4 thoughts on “Deceptive Masculinity

  1. I don’t drink but this is a great question—how does someone who LOVES this beverage get PAID to drink said beverage?!
    I love chocolate—if anyone sends some to me I’ll be sure to write out a great description of every variety!!!!

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  2. I know how masculinity may taste, that’s called Scotch. I like scotch so I’d probably like this… It’s still an odd way to describe a wines taste. If I read this I’d likely pass believing that this wine might taste like italian sausage or a over-poweringly strong cheese. I’ve spent too many afternoons in the gym men’s locker room. You want to talk about deceptive masculinity?

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