Happy Easter Fools Day!

Happy Easter Fools Day!

Guys, hope everyone is having a nice Easter/April Fools day! We had a pretty glutinous morning eating buffet style Easter Brunch at a local spa. I literally feel ill, as one does after eating all of their daily calories (plus) in two hours time. I mean, three desserts, you guys….Obviously, tomorrow will start my annual “get back in a bathing suit body,” diet, or drunkorexia, if you will.

I’m not a big April Fools girl, so I did not attempt to trick my kids with eggs full of veggies, or bugs, or raisins, or any such thing. It’s not that I’m against it, it just seems like more work than I’m willing to put in and I’ve never really been a prankster. My little sassafras, on the other hand, couldn’t help herself…..The minute she saw me she claimed a spider in my hair. Such a sweet girl….

Actually, this year nature ran its course for me. Our annual egg hunt was cancelled, without my knowing. So yeah….we showed up for the hunt and of course no one was there, including the eggs. My kids actually were ok with it, but with the promise to have one at home later, after the brunch. When we got home, the kids watched me load up some plastic eggs for them. I then went to hide them in the front and back yard.

We live in Florida, so naturally we are not without swamp critters and snakes and such. Also, there always has to be the one or two eggs you can’t find, EVEN THOUGH you hid them yourself and in PLAIN SIGHT, but I digress… Right around the time we find the last booger egg, hiding in the bush, I see a snake- mere inches from my daughters face.

I know- it’s a tiny thing, but still….SNAKE, guys!!! Right where all my kids Easter eggs hid!

April Fools?? Or, welcome to Florida? Either way, hope you all had a great Holiday!

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