Puppy Therapy for Lunch

Puppy Therapy for Lunch

GUYS!! I told you previously that I got a new job, right? Well, it’s not really new anymore now that I have been here a little over a year, but new compared to the 10 years I spent at my last job….

I’m pretty lucky, because although the job was pretty uncomfortable for me at first, it has proven to be the best change I could have made in the last few years. I work with these really AWESOME people who GET ME. I mean, I’d like to think I’m special, but we all know I’m quirky. Having people who get me feels amazing. It’s like I have found my tribe, professionally. This is no easy feat in life, so I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity in my life. I also work for the best director I have ever had the privilege of working for. It really is crazy how your quality of life changes when you work for someone who actually cares and supports you. I work for someone who trusts my opinions and sort of just lets me free to go with my ideas (with boundaries). This is so important for the left side of my brain that needs creativity. It makes me feel valued and important.

Anydoodles, I have these fantastic co-workers, and let’s be honest – a few bad eggs, too. But, every workplace/office has the annoying co-worker. Everything can’t be perfect all the time guys! Mostly, the people are great, though. Today, we had a coordinator lunch together. This, in of itself, is so cool to me, because as a school teacher you don’t get lunch, let alone go out with friends. So, it is such a treat to get to have lunch outside the office amongst friends.

Today we took it up a notch and stopped at a puppy place. OH.EM.GEE!

Yeah, I know it is a puppy mill for breeders. I don’t plan on buying any dogs. But, they need love, too, right?






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