Apparently, I’m going to live FOREVER!

Apparently, I’m going to live FOREVER!


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I’m having one of THOSE Mondays! The kind of Monday’s when you spill coffee on yourself on the way to work and then can’t log into your computer, kind of Monday.

Wine, yet?

While struggling to focus, I decided to have a “lunch break” at my desk. I began doing some light reading and came across this little gem.

For those of you who want the cliff notes:

  1. Woman is 116 years old in article, born in 1899 (she passed away in April 2017 at 117 yrs old).
  2. She provides tips for how she has lived so long.
    1. She eats two eggs a day.
    2. She has remained single since her divorce when she was in her late 30’s.

Alright, do you people even know me? Do you know that I’m like an old man/woman inside and I eat practically the same thing each and every day?

Guess what I eat for breakfast Two soft-boiled eggs!! Guess who got divorced at 35?

Ok, so let’s pretend I don’t get hit by a car and/or have some other fatal accident and I live to 117. That is the year 2095.


I can’t even imagine it. Do I even want to live this long?  I’m not sure. But, it makes me think about the year 1987….

I was in the 4th grade in a gifted class and our project was to create a shoe box diorama of the year 2000. I clearly remember this memory where I was sitting in the hallway with my friends listening to the song “I wear my sunglasses at night.” We thought that we would all be living on the moon or some other planet at that time. I believed we would be zipping around in Jetson like cars with robots for friends, er cleaning people.

So, 2095…. Will we be living on the moon or another planet? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime I’ve got the song, “I wear sunglasses at night,” trapped in my brain!





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