Mermaids and Water Faeries

Mermaids and Water Faeries

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Jamie has been obsessed with Mermaids since she was a tiny tot. I don’t blame her really, I mean they are fascinating in their own right. Lately, she has been leaving a cup in the bath with a spoon and has instructed me not to touch it. I asked her why, and although she wouldn’t give me the details, she informed me it was related to growing a mermaid tail.

So, I guess my 7 year old is trying to grow a mermaid tail? At what point do I dump the stagnant water and refill it? And will I get the right ingredients in there?? I mean, this is the stuff in parenthood that isn’t in the Dr. Spock books, amiright?

Anywho, I digress. The other day, I was going through an old jump drive and I found an old YA novel I was writing. If you know me well, you know I’m obsessed with YA dystopian novels. You know- the Hunger Games type books. I originally thought I would write something dystopian with this piece, but sort of left it when I found myself going in circles. There is so much dystopian out there and I don’t want to mimic what’s already out there. Plus, writing is sort of the time you do want to reinvent the wheel, versus writing what’s already out there.

So hear me out – what does the mermaid growing tail concoction and this old dusty YA piece I started ages ago have in common?

I’m going to throw in, well not quite mermaids, but some water fairy lore into this little writing. I’m actually pretty excited about this because it has given me a creative direction that I haven’t felt in a while. Also, have you looked up water monster/fairy mythology? I mean, it’s mostly creepy and not all sunshine and rainbows like the mermaids of Disney. I was surprised to find that Merfolk traditionally had the reputation for summoning ships and sinking them, creating storms, and drowning those they lured to the water.

WARNING – Be prepared to hear more about water monsters….and…..maybe some little bits of the novel I’m writing, in the near future….

Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve brought up scary mermaids. Some of my oldest followers will remember that one time at the fair! Bahahaha!


2 thoughts on “Mermaids and Water Faeries

  1. This reminds me of that m night shyamalan movie. Just the mermaid and water part. Whatever you make of this can’t be any worse than that mess. Just make sure your story doesn’t include any unbalanced bicep builders or creepy apartment maintenance men and you’re winning.

    It’s good to be motivated, perhaps brainstorming with our kids is what we all need.

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