This post is brought to you by the word “Uncomfortable”

This post is brought to you by the word “Uncomfortable”

The last few years have been very uncomfortable for me. On one hand, I can clearly see that I have had some pretty big life changes in the last 5 years. Understandably, life changes are uncomfortable and scary.

However, that’s not what I really mean. There is much more to my discomfort, things that only adulting can bring to life. Good ole, adulting….*rolls eyes

Today, my wise 7 year old daughter said, “Mom, mistakes are proof that you were trying.”

Um, ok Jedi Master.

It’s funny the things you think about as you get closer to forty, I mean thirty. I realize I have been very complacent in life. When I was kid, I never really had a bucket list. I was fortunate to have done a great deal of travel before I was 18, and I have never been an adventurer. My list was simple:

1. Get married

2. Be a mom

3. Buy a house

4. Go to Spain

5. Go to Australia

6. Write a book and get it published

1-3: check

4-6: work in progress

I kind of laugh about these, because they are all attainable goals, and yet it’s not like I have accomplished them all or even succeeded at the ones I have accomplished. More importantly, they are all pretty safe.

Recently, I have had to rethink some of these goals. Don’t get me wrong- 4 through 6 remain, I just need to add to it. I mean, what was my actual life plan here? Career? Life Path? I didn’t have one. So, here I am trying to make one, and it is (you guessed it!) UNCOMFORTABLE.

I have also been thinking about these two jobs (in the past) that I didn’t apply to, that I was definitely educated enough and professionally capable of doing. The only difference between me and the candidates who got them was that they took a risk that I was afraid to take.

I didn’t take the risk because they were high paying jobs and I didn’t believe I was good enough for these positions. I was afraid to fail.


Anywho, the reason I tell you this is because last summer I did end up applying for a high paying (ok, higher than what I make now- by $25k) and I didn’t get it, BUT I made it to the final two interview. It was a BIG DEAL for me!! I mean, someone else got it, but I was good enough to get to final interviews. Why have I not been reaching higher?? Also, who else gets excited about *not* getting a job?? Ha!

So, lately I am reaching higher. And it is very uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable because it includes taking risks- something, I have been avoiding for most of my life. However, life is all about perceptions. So, I’m on a quest to change my perceptions:

Out: “I’m afraid to take risks and fail!”

In: “It’s ok to make mistakes! At least I tried! Go for it!”

Thank you, Jedi Master, for reminding me that it is ok to make mistakes. xoxo

2 thoughts on “This post is brought to you by the word “Uncomfortable”

  1. So true. Starting my business was a big jump for me but I still have a tendency to play it safe because I am afraid to death of failing. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Failure is scary. But, failure is not the end all and certainly we can learn from it. I’m trying to look at everything like a learning experience these days! 🙂


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