Let’s just shut down and disinfect. Who’s with me??

Let’s just shut down and disinfect. Who’s with me??

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Yesterday, I woke up with a scratchy throat and chalked it up to allergies. However, by 3 pm, I was feeling awful and actually left work a little early to go home and rest. People, I couldn’t eat any of the foods (which is not normal for me). Silver lining: lost a pound? *fingers crossed

THEN, then I went to sleep at 7:00 pm!

7:00 PM!!!!!

I literally woke up at 5:30 am and had no idea where I was or what time it is. How does this even happen? Thank goodness my children were with their dad and I had the ability to do this without leaving my children unattended.

Anywho, my house has been a cycle of illness since New Year’s Eve and I.AM.OVER.IT.

Can we just cancel everything for a week and disinfect the whole state? And, I’m 100% serious about this. I’m doing all the stuff: essential oils, vitamin c, elderberry, allergy meds, Sudafed, washing hands, not touching open areas of my face….and still….the germs are everywhere. <cue jaws theme song> How is that for a scary movie?

But, let’s get back to me falling asleep at 7:00 PM. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And, can I do this everyday?? Let’s just say my fitbit was very impressed with my 11 hours of sleep.

Why is it, that when you become an adult, sleep is such a precious little gift? Every time my kids complain about taking naps or rest time at school, I let them know that there will be a day that they beg and wish for a nap. Actually, I need to add to my list of to-do’s to make a coffee table book on adults napping in various glorious locations. GENIUS! Who want’s to be my photographer on that? I’ll split you 50/50 on the book royalties.

You’re Welcome!


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