Stranded on an island AND………Go!

Stranded on an island AND………Go!

Listen, I know I don’t think like “other people” do, but I was recently doing this thing where I was asked a cliché question and I went into over thinking mode. No surprise, there, I’m sure. However, I know that I’m not the only enigma in this world and there has got to be AT LEAST one other person, probably thousands who do the same thing, so why not blog about it?? I mean, everyone else is posting their life on the innerwebs.

Anywho, the question was “If you were stranded on an Island what 5 things would you bring with you?”

Ok, I get it. This question is stupid for many reasons, first of which it assumes that you have a choice to crash-land in a plane/boat AND survive it with 5 essential items of your choosing. Regardless, I did seriously consider this question and to be honest, my first thought was that in theory, and in best-case-scenario (think Swiss Family Robinson Family scenario), this actually sounds amazing. I mean no job, no bills, will definitely lose weight, and no responsibilities……sounds kinda nice, if you ask me….Calgon, take me away!

NOW, most people will probably want practical things. Things like food, water, blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, matches, radio, weapons of some sort…..but, I’m not like most people. And yes, I did consider some of those things. Then I thought about whether or not I am going to be on an island where other people have already inhabited or been stranded there before. This is a VERY important point, guys, because in that case I may not need some of those practical items that could be left over from the stranded person before me.  I don’t want to bring something that is already available on my make-believe island. Also, is this an island in the Caribbean? We always assume islands are tropical, but there are islands off Canada and Iceland that are cold and it snows there. In which case, I need to rethink my practical items and swap out gloves for bug spray, etc.

Regardless, whether I make it to a tropical or cold island it doesn’t change one thing: I’m a first world girl with first world problems. When I eventually get rescued and there are cameras on me, and I’m coming off the plane to my family, will I have wild gray hairs sticking out of my head? I’ma gonna need to know how long I will be stranded for. I mean, how many boxes of hair dye am I going to need? If it’s a couple of months, 1 box may do and then I can have practical stuff for my other 4 items. Or, is it a year and maybe I will have 3 boxes and 2 bottles of root cover up, instead?

I think we need to re-frame this question and ask, “What 5 first-world items would you want with you if you were stranded on an island?”

Suzie: 3 boxes of hair dye and 2 root cover up spray bottles

You: ?? (FYI-cell phones are not acceptable, because there is no wi-fi on the islands, DUH!)


PS- I don’t care how bored I am on my island, still not swimming with the sting rays….

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