Living room coup- check!

Living room coup- check!

In light of my resolution to simplify my life, I am going room by room getting things organized and dumping the junk. I mentioned in a previous post that Matt and I were going to get our living room back from the kids. Well, on Saturday we did!!

New living room:


New is relative since the couches and furniture are all the same. But, the layout is different and the baby jail is gone and over to the side of the room. This leaves a very distinct adult living room area which we were lacking since Jamie came along.

Old living room for reference:


We did get one new thing not pictured- a brand new flat screen tv!

Here’s what Jamie had to say about the new living room…..”Mama! Look at the big giant tv!”

Also, we have a coffee table, but I’m waiting until our little bruiser (aka Austin the chunk-a-monk) becomes a little less accident prone.

In other news, Just Dance on the Wii is so much more fun on the “big giant tv.”

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