Sleep deprivation to a whole new level

Sleep deprivation to a whole new level

Folks, after more than 8 straight months with less than 5 hours of sleep a night, I can now confirm that I am certifiable. My brain is complete mush.

Today, after discussing subjects along the line of what kind of iPad to buy and wi-fi, and possibly mini vans were mentioned, my brain started going into a mini melt-down mode. At lunch, I had called Matt to further discuss a possible iPad purchase, but had to cut the conversation short when a student came in to talk to me (it’s like they expect me to work at this place they call a job! Blah!). Matt and I continued to miss each other back in forth in a game of phone tag in between my classes. At one point, it becomes my turn to call back. However, before I get the chance, I see my voicemail light flashing.

Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I have some sort of on-set adult ADD, because that flashing light was so distracting, I totally forgot what I was doing and decided to check it before calling Matt back. Even better, I completely forgot while checking my voicemail that I was doing that first and thought that I was calling Matt.

Are you confused, yet?

Cause, I was!

People, I actually had an entire conversation with a voicemail message.. This was a real conversation in which I greet him and respond to some of his remarks. I know you are nodding your head like this seems impossible, but either there were natural pauses that allowed me to do this, or I was hallucinating (probably the latter).

Here is the clincher…at the end when he said “bye,” I responded, “wait I have to tell you something!” This was the point where he disconnects and I suddenly realize that I am talking to a message not a live person. Oh, and the clarity of the fact that I might be 100% insane also become apparent.


Someone save me. Or get me a Xanax and some wine. Whatever is easier.


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