We’ve got named storms up in here!

We’ve got named storms up in here!

I know hurricane season ends at the end of November here in Florida, but in the Tow house we have two named storms all year long, “Hurricane Jamie” and “Hurricane Austin.” It’s so bad that anytime we invite an OCD person over I can just see them start to convulse trying to come up with a futile clean up effort.

Just the other day my dad was over and he literally picked up lego’s 6 times. No exaggeration- 6 times! Finally, when I realized what was going on I screamed, “Daddy! Put.the.legos.down! We have a hard fast rule here that no one picks up until the kids are in bed!” And my dad is like, “I’m just trying to help..” And I let him know he’s going to give himself a heart attack or stroke or something if he keeps it up.

Anyhow, tonight as I struggle to get both my kids in bed, cause apparently, “Not all days can be like yesterday,” my mom is trying to pick up blocks and such.

Austin, with all his cuteness starts following her around reminiscent of Igor…


Photo found here

And, I was like, “Mom, are you crazy?! Give the boy his blocks! He’s a biter!”

So, yeah. We live in a perpetual state of “toy’s r us” vomit that we just can’t seem to get away from.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

In the meantime, Matt and I are strategizing a coup to claim our living room back.

Old living room:


New living room: coming soon…

I can’t divulge any details for fear one of the wee ones will try to overthrow our big attempt at a more adult friendly space. Jamie can get into my phone and on the Internet to find Mickey Mouse Club, it’s only a matter of time before she finds this blog.

Also, Austin did bite me tonight while I tried to forage a piece of cardboard out of his mouth. I swear he clamped down like one of those snapping turtles that you have to cut the heads off in order to remove their mouth from their victim. For a minute I got worried I might have to do the same to Austin, but we’re all good. Finger removed. Austin still has his head.

And, since all my kids still have their body parts, looks like it was a good day after all! Yay!

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