2012 vs 2013

2012 vs 2013

When I think about 2012 I can say hands down that the best thing that happened to me was the birth of Austin. Ok, not literally as in the labor part, but the actual being in this world part is pretty amazing. I don’t know why I was ever nervous or worried about having two children so close in age or about having a boy. I love both. Watching my children together is my favorite past time these days.

The other great thing that happened to me was professionally when I became the only teacher in my county- and basically within a 30 mile radius- to get my students the national CDA certificate. Did I mention I was on maternity leave when I achieved this? Booyah!

The bad parts of 2012 have definitely been the sickness around this house. Since May, I have had food poisoning twice, I’ve passed 2 kidney stones, I’ve had two rounds of antibiotics for sinus/ear infections, Matt had a sinus/ear infection with antibiotics, we had to take Jamie to the after hours for a 105 fever, and we dealt with the most recent RSV Austin had. This doesn’t even include the other 3 colds I’ve had, plus the two Jamie had, and the two Austin had BEFORE RSV. Yeah, not our most healthy year at all.

For 2013, I mentioned that I wanted to simplify my life in many ways. One way, will be how I mentioned in a previous post that I plan on reducing some unnecessary expenses in my life like hair, nails, unneeded clothing items, etc. I also plan on getting rid of items in my home that aren’t getting used regularly. I will be purging and organizing in this next year. Less is more, right? I want to get back to the basics and remove some of the materialistic parts of my life that don’t make sense anymore.

I also plan on reading and writing more in my spare time. I have been doing more writing on the side which is good. I am writing a book, although slow going, but a thought occurred to me about this blog. As a director of a preschool and trainer of child care workers, I get asked a ton of questions daily from my friends and family. Why aren’t I using my platform (i.e. this blog!) to write up some articles when I’m doing research for my courses?! So, I think you know where we’re going with this. You, my friends, will be my guinea pigs as I practice my article writing skills (which need help) on preschool info!! I know you are on your toes with anticipation.

In other writing news, I do have some magazine submissions I’m working on and even a contest submission on fiction in the works. We shall see. It is all about practice and perfecting the craft. Right?

Now. Who can’t wait for my tantalizing preschool news I’m going to throw out at you in the very near future???

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