Finally going back up the hill (sort of)

Finally going back up the hill (sort of)

I think it goes without saying that this has been a pretty crappy week.

I thought I was handling things well until Tuesday came along. It was then that I gave in and melted down. When I got home from work, Austin appeared to be very lethargic but we thought he was just tired from being sick. About an hour and a half later when he “wakes up” but can’t even lift his head I realize things were much more serious. At this point I start crying (practically hysterically) and can’t stop. I call the doctor who has me bring him in even though they are closing (love them!). As it turns out, he is also battling a double ear infection which has him pretty much miserable- mix that with difficulty breathing from the RSV and the poor guy was just exhausted. They gave him an oral steroid, which took about 30 min to administer and which he promptly vomited most of as he screamed (anxiety nightmare for me and him both), to help with the inflammation of his lungs. They prescribed an antibiotic for the ears and more time on the nebulizer (joys!).

I may have overreacted that day, but when you see a child who barely sleeps not be able to lift his head, it is pretty alarming. Mix that with the fact that he’s been crying inconsolably and not eating any solids and maybe 4-6 oz of milk a day….well, he had me freaked out to say the least.

Also, the clincher here is that I teach a module on childhood illnesses, and RSV is one I go over. Much like parenting, it is WAY more different in real life than it is in the textbook!

All aside this experience has made me realize a few things:

1) Parenting is hard.

Real hard.

2) I am so thankful to live near my mom. She was able to come over almost everyday this week to help me. Even on Tuesday when I couldn’t even bring myself to give Austin his antibiotic because I couldn’t bear to hear him scream anymore after the oral steroid debacle earlier that day. Kind of makes me feel bad for telling her that I would never come back home when I turned 18 (dramatics!).

3) I realize how much my mom must have done for me as a baby and how many tears she shed when I was ill. She is way more emotional than me and I could barely keep it together.

4) Austin loves having is back patted. It is the only thing that soothes him at night if he has a coughing fit. This is the positive of his illness- I do feel closer to him.

5) I am so thankful that my kids are truly healthy. I don’t know what I would do if my child had a real medical problem. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to handle that- kudos to the mom’s who overcome that struggle everyday!

Anyhow, today Austin has eaten normally and hasn’t coughed nearly as much as he has the last few days. He even played with Jamie and laughed out loud for the first time in practically a week! Hooray for feeling better!!

Also, I now have a sore throat, runny nose and headache. My magic eight ball is telling me I may have caught the bug.

Thanks, universe….

3 thoughts on “Finally going back up the hill (sort of)

  1. Been there, mama. Even “little” illnesses can be super scary when it’s your baby. Definitely made me more tender to those going through a serious illness with their child and SO much more thankful for my kids’ health. I’m glad Austin is feeling better!


  2. Aww, poor Austin and poor you! I’m glad he seems to be doing better, and I’m so glad you ped let you come in! We bypass and go directly to the after hours at that point.


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