Don’t you hate it when cliche’s are true?

Don’t you hate it when cliche’s are true?

You know that saying, “All good things must come to an end.”

Well, it must be true.

About 1 hour after I posted how quiet it was in my house and contemplating what to do with my free time, I hear a baby crying.

Also, this is not your typical baby cry. This is a pitiful, sickly, whiny cry. So, I go up and check on Austin to find he has a fever and a nasty cough.

I’ve gone through two sleepless nights with a very sick uncomfortable baby. Last night, I even resorted to putting him in front of an open freezer so his lungs could get the cold dry air….something about his cough doesn’t sound right to me.

***side note/glimpse into the Tow house: yesterday after I fed Austin most of his dinner, he starts making a weird grunting noise. Matt and I are kind of giggling over it, and I give Matt Austin to hold while I go get something. All of the sudden without warning Austin starts heaving the entire contents of his stomach onto himself and Matt. I start a bath and Matt cleans the area. While I’m drying off Austin, Jamie comes around the corner and declares, “I a cowboy, Mama!” I turn around to find she has on her head the “hat” I’m using to collect my urine in for my 24 hour kidney stone eval. Exciting around these parts, no?

Back to my story…I take off work today to get Austin to the pediatrician. It appears poor Austin has RSV Bronciolitis. He gets a breathing treatment in the office and I’m sent home with a nebulizer and a prescription for Albuterol. Awesome. Did I mention the fact that this is contagious until 24 hours after his fever breaks? I’m literally on my knees praying Jamie doesn’t get this, too.

So, yeah. All good things do end. I hope this means the bad will end soon, too.

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