I love my neighborhood

I love my neighborhood

Aside from the fact that most of our neighbors are ancient, and there are very few children, I do enjoy our neighborhood. The neighbors are pretty friendly and it’s nice and quiet.

We have a nice lady with two cute chihuahuas, a 99 year old man named Tony (ok, 99 might be an exaggeration, but he is OLD), a couple with a baby just a few months younger than Austin…Well, there was once this guy, but he moved, so all is well again.

Yesterday, when I was coming home from the pediatrician with the kids, I see an ambulance in front of Tony’s place (the 99 year old one). I also see my neighbors huddled around in a circle in front of his place. My heart jumps as I obviously jump to the conclusion that something bad has happened to him.

I park my car in the middle of the cul de sac and hop out to ask if everything was ok.


****UPDATE on 01/01/13- I have no idea what the hell happened to the rest of this post. I swear I typed it! Since it’s not really funny anymore, basically I’ll just recap that the old guy was alive and jumping up in the crowd to let us all know he was alive. And me, well I acted like I totally didn’t think it was him. Turns out one of the renters from next door passed out on his porch due to low blood pressure. Boring now, no? Ah well, note to self- double check things actually post correctly!


Finally going back up the hill (sort of)

Finally going back up the hill (sort of)

I think it goes without saying that this has been a pretty crappy week.

I thought I was handling things well until Tuesday came along. It was then that I gave in and melted down. When I got home from work, Austin appeared to be very lethargic but we thought he was just tired from being sick. About an hour and a half later when he “wakes up” but can’t even lift his head I realize things were much more serious. At this point I start crying (practically hysterically) and can’t stop. I call the doctor who has me bring him in even though they are closing (love them!). As it turns out, he is also battling a double ear infection which has him pretty much miserable- mix that with difficulty breathing from the RSV and the poor guy was just exhausted. They gave him an oral steroid, which took about 30 min to administer and which he promptly vomited most of as he screamed (anxiety nightmare for me and him both), to help with the inflammation of his lungs. They prescribed an antibiotic for the ears and more time on the nebulizer (joys!).

I may have overreacted that day, but when you see a child who barely sleeps not be able to lift his head, it is pretty alarming. Mix that with the fact that he’s been crying inconsolably and not eating any solids and maybe 4-6 oz of milk a day….well, he had me freaked out to say the least.

Also, the clincher here is that I teach a module on childhood illnesses, and RSV is one I go over. Much like parenting, it is WAY more different in real life than it is in the textbook!

All aside this experience has made me realize a few things:

1) Parenting is hard.

Real hard.

2) I am so thankful to live near my mom. She was able to come over almost everyday this week to help me. Even on Tuesday when I couldn’t even bring myself to give Austin his antibiotic because I couldn’t bear to hear him scream anymore after the oral steroid debacle earlier that day. Kind of makes me feel bad for telling her that I would never come back home when I turned 18 (dramatics!).

3) I realize how much my mom must have done for me as a baby and how many tears she shed when I was ill. She is way more emotional than me and I could barely keep it together.

4) Austin loves having is back patted. It is the only thing that soothes him at night if he has a coughing fit. This is the positive of his illness- I do feel closer to him.

5) I am so thankful that my kids are truly healthy. I don’t know what I would do if my child had a real medical problem. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to handle that- kudos to the mom’s who overcome that struggle everyday!

Anyhow, today Austin has eaten normally and hasn’t coughed nearly as much as he has the last few days. He even played with Jamie and laughed out loud for the first time in practically a week! Hooray for feeling better!!

Also, I now have a sore throat, runny nose and headache. My magic eight ball is telling me I may have caught the bug.

Thanks, universe….

Don’t you hate it when cliche’s are true?

Don’t you hate it when cliche’s are true?

You know that saying, “All good things must come to an end.”

Well, it must be true.

About 1 hour after I posted how quiet it was in my house and contemplating what to do with my free time, I hear a baby crying.

Also, this is not your typical baby cry. This is a pitiful, sickly, whiny cry. So, I go up and check on Austin to find he has a fever and a nasty cough.

I’ve gone through two sleepless nights with a very sick uncomfortable baby. Last night, I even resorted to putting him in front of an open freezer so his lungs could get the cold dry air….something about his cough doesn’t sound right to me.

***side note/glimpse into the Tow house: yesterday after I fed Austin most of his dinner, he starts making a weird grunting noise. Matt and I are kind of giggling over it, and I give Matt Austin to hold while I go get something. All of the sudden without warning Austin starts heaving the entire contents of his stomach onto himself and Matt. I start a bath and Matt cleans the area. While I’m drying off Austin, Jamie comes around the corner and declares, “I a cowboy, Mama!” I turn around to find she has on her head the “hat” I’m using to collect my urine in for my 24 hour kidney stone eval. Exciting around these parts, no?

Back to my story…I take off work today to get Austin to the pediatrician. It appears poor Austin has RSV Bronciolitis. He gets a breathing treatment in the office and I’m sent home with a nebulizer and a prescription for Albuterol. Awesome. Did I mention the fact that this is contagious until 24 hours after his fever breaks? I’m literally on my knees praying Jamie doesn’t get this, too.

So, yeah. All good things do end. I hope this means the bad will end soon, too.

I finally did it!

I finally did it!

So, I finally got out of the house for a little girl time without kids or a husband.


Believe it or not, this was even more fun than when you have a quiet house cause everyone went to sleep and you still have a little energy left to stay up later. Rare.

Anywho, Rhiannon and I had some dinner at BJ’s brew house (where I got to drink some adult drinks in fine glassware, not solo cups). Then, we followed up with a little Twilight action.

I know you know I think Stephenie Meyer writes crap (and she does) but I do like the movies and I have to say that this one was the best. For real! It totally got me with one of the scenes, but I don’t want to give anything away in case you still haven’t seen it.

Note to selves- there is a twist.

I came home and all the kids were sleeping, so looks like I may be able to even read a little tonight. Or maybe, knit. Who knows. The possibilities are endless and I’m a very exciting person, as you well know.

Also, it only took me until 3 pm, but I did manage to get out of my yoga pants, wash 4 day old dirty hair, put a little curl in it and add on some make-up. I’ll consider that a success. Go, me!


I did wear crocs out today in public, though. So, there you have it folks.