And, it has BEGUN!

And, it has BEGUN!

Well, I thought I had a few more years before this happened, but Jamie has officially understood the meaning of money.

As in, we’re at the mall and the mechanical horse costs $.75 (that’s highway robbery for that thing, by the way). Jamie says,

“Dada. Please have money. Puhllleeaase.”


Me: “Whay did you say?”

Jamie: “Please have money, mama”

And like a sucker we just have to give her money because she was being so polite. Sheesh!


So, yeah. How did this happen? How did I gain a teenager in just 25 short months?

If that wasn’t heart breaking enough (my baby’s all growed up!) I check out the Christmas tree display (see in background of last pic?) to find one decorated by the Heart Gallery. I love the Heart Gallery. When I was exploring adoption during our infertile days, I used to peruse that site daily. Their tree has pics of foster kids along with letters written by them. I see:

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a family that will let me be with my brother.

Heart strings! Oww!

And just like that I’m crying in the middle of the mall.

For the love of God, someone find Jacob a home so he can live with his brother!

Lately, I’ve been so in love watching my kids play together. I just can’t imagine them being apart!

Ok. Let’s look at a pic of Jamie loving her brother to distract us from poor Jacob:


Ok. Now who do I have to pay to adopt Jacob and his brother?

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