Sleep. It’s important.

Sleep. It’s important.

It’s funny how different kids are and how you can take that for granted sometimes.

Like how I naively thought all my children would sleep at 3 1/2 months like Jamie did.

But here we are 6 1/2 months later and I still don’t see sleep at the end of the tunnel.

For the record, I feel crazy.

And there is a lot of coffee drinking going on over here. We may need to buy stock in k-cups.

Who wants to buy us a new Kuerig for Christmas?

Also, I think it is highly unfair that I can have like 5 cups of caffeine from 6 am- 3 pm and then still need a nap. Since when is it ok to yawn after an energy drink?

And why does everything look blurry and it feels like roaches are tickling my legs?

Oh, wait. That was me falling asleep for a sec while I type this and the cat trying to snuggle up to me.

Did someone just call my name?


Sleep, are you there yet? It’s me! Suzie!

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