The nap- a parents savior

The nap- a parents savior

In some weird twist of fate, both my kids took a nap at the same time this afternoon.

Before I had kids I would hear moms talk about this and watch them do a little dance when this would happen to them. I never really got it. Or, it didn’t mean anything to me because I wasn’t there, yet. Regardless, I

Me: Oh. My. Gosh. Matt! Both kids are SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME!!

Matt: Wow. That’s awesome!

Me: I know! I feel so free! Like I can do anything, almost…

Matt: Yeah!

Me: Actually, the only thing holding me back now is you. When are you going to go up and take a nap so I can really be alone?


Matt: I can take a nap?

There you have it folks. The real and unabridged conversation between exhausted parents of small children.

Exciting, no?

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