Not so good Friday

Not so good Friday

I’ve had a terrible day today. I wish I could go into details on here, but due to professional reasons, I can’t

I will say, that the level of anger and sadness I felt, today, was more than I have felt in years. I have never felt betrayed from someone at work like this in my entire life.

I know I’m run down. I know I’m not feeling so great, thanks to the kidney stones. I know I am working with very little sleep. But, I am not exaggerating that what happened today was horrible. My integrity and my credibility was challenged. The word “hurt” doesn’t even begin to touch on the emotions I’m feeling today.

And then there was the most vile and atrocious thing any teacher could ever do:

I cried in front of my students.

I was forced into that position and that infuriates me even more. I have never been reduced to tears in front of my students for even one second in my teaching career until today.

Maybe one day I can get into this in more detail. But for now just know I’m not feeling so “funny” today.

Today I realize I’m going to need to make some big changes in the near future.

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