Oh, Florida. Give me a break, already!

Oh, Florida. Give me a break, already!

I woke up to this breaking news article in our local newspaper today:

Florida too close to call with 200,000 votes to be counted

I guess this means my vote doesn’t really count. AGAIN. For yet another election.

Thanks alot.

I responded to someone’s Facebook comment regarding Florida’s weird lack of being able to count votes like this:

“I think it makes us more exciting….LOL!”

But, let’s get real. I think it makes us look like a bunch of idiots.

Here’s what I don’t get…there are like 49 or so other States that get it right. Am I right? So, why can’t we just do what they do? Would make it easier to just follow the norm in this case.

Maybe I need to run for Politics in Florida. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!

I could be “Commisioner of Shopping Malls”, or something like that.

Here are my skills:

1) I can count (most days- except whenever I feel I have acid in my eyeballs.)

2) I like to buy things, and government likes to do a lot of excessive spending. Hmmm, mmm.

3) I like just about everyone (sort of) (except Stinky McFat Gut).

4) I’ve got a perfect sorority head tilt, smile, empty eyes look that says, “I hear ya, but I don’t know what you’re saying.” EVERYONE loves it. Trust me (perfect words for a politician, right!).

Watch out America (or maybe Pinellas County) (Ok, fine, maybe just the Tow House)!

 PS- I think I’ve really perfected the “empty” look in my eyes, don’t you? It took years of practice, but I’ve finally got it.



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