Election Day are you here, yet?

Election Day are you here, yet?

Not to be a bad American, but I am so over the elections.

I’m over the flyers.

I’m over the phone calls.

I’m over the ranting Facebook posts.

I’m over the “scare tactics” like, “If you are a woman and you want choices vote for Obama.”

I was hoping I could just go to sleep and wake up after the elections. Actually, sleep in general sounds delicious, but we all can’t get what we wish for (or at least that’s what my mom said when I asked for an easy bake oven- ok, maybe that didn’t happen…).

But, seriously. Yahoo keeps asking me to write them an article or send in pictures about the elections here in Florida and I’m not interested. Mmmmmmmm kay, Yahoo?

In other more exciting news that could get me fired, we had a conversation in my classes about a preschooler who is particularly unruly. I actually had to put this small monster child on probation cause she’s aggressive and likes to throw about 15 temper tantrums (not an exaggeration) a day.

My students are like, “Why can’t we just kick her out?!”

Me: Because it is the job of the educator to do all we can to help the child first. We have to give xxxxx a chance. We need to help her improve her behavior, not look for ways to get her out.

High school students: But, she’s sooooo bad!

Me: Well, I hate to break it to you but every teacher has a student they don’t like to be around and you can’t just go kicking them out every time.

Students: You mean, there is at least one of us you don’t like?!

Me: Uh, noooooo….I didn’t say that!

Students: Yeah. You kind of did.

Me: Huh.

Students: Mrs. Tow. You’re scaring us…

Me: We’ll, in that case don’t forget grades are due on Friday.

And in other creepier news, check out this rocking horse that was at the corn maze, yesterday:


How’s that for a scare tactic for ya?

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