Jamie is 2!!

Jamie is 2!!

I can’t believe that my first-born is now 2 years old. The last two years have been a whirlwind. Jamie has just grown up so fast. It’s hard to believe that the chubby cheeked munchkin that came out of me so dramatically is now a thin, funny, smart little chatty person.

Jamie has changed so much since her last birthday. It really is incredible the amount of growth that happens from 1 years old to 2. In the last year, Jamie has become a big sister, she has also transitioned out of her high chair and her crib. She got her first hair cut and she has even peed on the potty! Her speech is also so much clearer. Jamie cracks us up so much.



Jamie’s most recent comments:

“Oh, dear!” (Randomly while playing)

“I do it my myself!” (When she climbed up and sat on the end table in the living room)

“Of, course!” (When daddy asked for a goldfish cracker)

“Autin awake!” (When Austin starts crying- also she doesn’t say the “s” in Austin.)

“Big HUG! Big KISS!” (Before bedtime)

“Mama, I miss you!” (When I come in from work)

Jamie is a HUGE book lover. She loves reading so much that we leave her at nap time and bed time with books. She’ll read in bed until she falls asleep. She has even memorized most of her books. It almost makes you think she’s reading the book because she is dead on with the pages, but at this stage I know it is just from memory. She calls her Berenstein Bear books, “Mama Bear Book.” (There may or may not be a Leap Frog Tag Junior in her very near future)


Jamie also loves singing! She sings “Twinkle, twinkle,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” “I Love you,” “Pat-a-cake,” “I’m a little teapot.” In fact, she gave us a whole show the other night that my mom got on tape. I’ll have to snag that and post up on here some day! She is currently working on her “ABC’ song.



Jamie can count objects to ten, she knows some of her letters by sight. She knows her colors very well, although she sometimes confuses red with pink and blue with green. She also can name pretty much every animal (including a snow leopard!) She is currently working on her shapes.


For Jamie’s birthday, she got a BIG GIRL room! I was so excited and sad at the same time, but to see her face when she saw her new Tinkerbell bed, was incredible, so you couldn’t help but feel happy that she is big enough to sleep in her bed. She loves the bed, and we’ve had no transition problems (knock on wood). She got her new room on Sunday. We made sure to put a Tinkerbell tent with a back pillow for her to use as a reading corner. She LOVES it!




I don’t know what else to say except that it has been an amazing journey with Jamie. As you all know, we fought hard (and paid lot’s of money) to get Jamie into this world. She is undoubtedly a shiny, sparkly, loving little girl that dazzles us every day. She made us parents and she truly makes me a better person everyday.


Jamie has a few words for you on turning 2.

2 thoughts on “Jamie is 2!!

  1. Happy birthday, Jamie! Her talking between sucking her paci cracks me up! Mostly because my kids do a lot of that too. Between the ages of 2-3 I feel like my most uttered sentence is “I can’t understand you with that Nuker in your mouth.”


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