Austin is 5 months old!!

Austin is 5 months old!!





I can’t believe my little baby is 5 months old already (as of this past Friday!). Well, I guess he’s not so little as he’s already creeping into the 12 month clothing and wearing size 4 diapers.

Austin is such a sweety pie and a grouch potato all rolled into one scrumptious chubby cheeked baby. He is generally a very smiley and happy baby. Until night time…then the personality changes and he’s not so happy anymore.

Sleep is still a work in progress. He did inherit Jamie’s crib finally (explanation in another post). It’s helping a little. We’ve also found another homeopathic option for his teething. That’s also helping just a little, but still not quite the sleeper I was hoping for at this point. Ah, well…he’s happy (mostly) and very healthy and we love him very much.

Austin still doesn’t have any teeth! I wish they would cut through already. I think it would solve some of our sleep issues! They must be coming soon, though. He’s quite the little slobber monster!

This past month we introduced cereal, bananas, and apples into his diet. We started with the rice…he doesn’t care for that much. But he loves the bananas and apples and now oatmeal, too! He’s getting better at swallowing most of his food, now, and dare I say he may even enjoy it?



Austin’s favorite things are his chew ring, his Elmo book, his crazy loopy ring thing, and his snuggie’s! Sometimes Austin fights sleep, but if you give him the soft snuggie he totally calms down and sometimes even falls asleep with it.



Austin also loves his big sister! She makes him laugh all the time. One of my favorite things about Austin is his contagious laughter. Plus, it’s very easy to make him laugh, too! We all have fun doing that around here, as you can tell by the video I posted the other day.


Austin loves playing in Jamie’s toys, too!



Austin can now rollover completely. In fact, he started to do that about two days after he turned 4 months old. He is also pretty much sitting up on his own, although he is reminiscent of a weeble wobble.

We are just so in love with our baby boy, words cannot express it. He rounds out our family perfectly. In fact the only problem now is that Austin is a little torn about what team he’s rooting for.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he looks best in blue. Wouldn’t you agree?

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