Shit my [high school] students say

Shit my [high school] students say

If you know teenagers, then you know they say a lot of crappy and sometimes not so smart things. Lately, my students have been pretty amazing and I am so very thankful for that because I have one preschool kid who cries <——that multiplied with lack of sleep is making me berserk-o. Like for reals. I think when I'm old and in a nursing home I'm going to have nightmares about kids throwing major temper tantrums and never ending crying….

But, I digress. Because, today I actually heard something that made me laugh out loud!

There is a teacher at my school that works under me who is pregnant. She commented to her class about the subway sandwich one kid was eating and she said something to them about missing sandwiches now that she couldn't have them. When they asked her why she couldn't eat sandwiches, she said she couldn't eat lunch meat while pregnant but couldn't remember why.

One student pipes in, "If you need to know anything about being pregnant you should ask Mrs. Tow. She's pregnant all the time!"

Ha! And if they only really knew….

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