First day of Preschool!

First day of Preschool!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy preparing for the preschool Open House, high school Back to School Night, and the first day of preschool today!

First of all, I literally stayed at school from 6:30 am- 7:45 pm yesterday. Yes, that would be over a 12 hour day. Yes, it required buckets of caffeine. And folks, the caffeine was “aricious!” (ok, so you know I’m always going to say that now, right?)

Anywho, I know some teachers and/or parents are not big fans of the Open House’s but, not me! I love them. I mean, I don’t love a 12 hour day, but there’s the sociologist in me that loves checking out where these kids come from.

There’s that “Ah-ha! It all makes sense now!” situation where it becomes crystal clear why that kid is either:

A) quiet
B) crazy
C) questionable

Take for instance, the dad who scolded me for touching my eye. His daughter is like a dream in my class (and I have her multiple times a day, too!) and she is also very obedient. And now I know why. Because he made me nervous, folks. Especially, when he started scolding me about the school system and how AP courses are forcing our kids to grow up too fast. I don’t even want to know what he thinks of the new Accel Program that allows kids to graduate high school earlier and go to college as early as 16 years old!

Side note- my eye was fine. It was red (looked it was bleeding, according to one mom) because it gave up. Getting no REM sleep in a month, plus waking up at 4:30 am, plus a 12+ hour day equals eye declaring “uncle” for the rest of the night.

In terms of the preschool kids, well one group is going to give me some interesting times, I think! One child threw a temper tantrum every time we transitioned to the next activity. That’s a lot in my school. So, let’s just estimate a gazillion times.

I sent another child home early because she cried for over an hour and then started to get so anxious she started dry heaving. I felt so bad calling her parents, but I don’t want the poor child to be terrified to come to school! We need to take some baby steps with her until she feels safe there, you know? In the end I used my super sleuth Mommy skills to determine the right move. I would have wanted the school to call me if it were my child, wouldn’t you?

Overall, it was a smooth day for all parties involved. I mean, there was the fire drill in the middle of the day that was SUPER awesome for unsuspecting wee ones. That was pretty exciting (not). But, all our activities were completed, most of the kids were pretty happy, and I got some snuggle time in with some of the younger ones. One of the preschoolers is quite hilarious so there were some good laughs, too!

I also have some amazing high school students that came during their lunch time to hang out with us and help me with rest time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed things keep going this smoothly for the rest of the year!

On a totally random note, Bar Louie just opened up across the street from me. As in walking distance. That means, I could totally sneak out of my house while the kids are asleep and get a momtini and Matt would never suspect it! However, in an unfortunate twist of irony, I’m so tired these days, I would actually choose sleep over a cocktail, and God forbid, even ice cream! *gasp*

I know.

I guess that’s what people mean when they talk about getting old…


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