Theeeey’reeeeee Baaaaaacccck!

Theeeey’reeeeee Baaaaaacccck!

Hey! Remember a couple of years ago when I had a creepy obsession with those super scary sea monkey’s?? Weeellll…..

I have an animal theme in the preschool this year, so I need me some animals. Weird ones.

We will have a mean hamster named Rambo. Pics, to come. (He’s getting adopted tomorrow)

We will have more scary sea monkey lovelies…(I know. I don’t know why I do this to myself. It’s like licking something really sour, gagging, and then doing it again)

We’ve got some tadpoles a comin…still waiting for the fed-ex man to drop them off. Yes, you heard right. They are getting mailed to me.

Alsong with the tadpoles I have some aquasaurs in the mail.


I just learned about these and I am also frightened that these will be like the sea monkey’s, but that’s what I’ve got the high school students for, right?

image found here


I was going to get a 5 gallon fish tank and some guppies, but now it seems like so much work. We may be just getting a couple of beta fish (not together), instead.

Next semester, I’m going to get the butterflies for the spring. Any ideas on other classroom friendly pets? Remember these are 3-5 year olds and teenagers we are talking about.

Also, lizards, turtles, rats, guinea pigs, and snakes are totally out of the question for me. Those scare me more than the sea monkey’s do!



2 thoughts on “Theeeey’reeeeee Baaaaaacccck!

  1. Gerbils are way better than hamsters. They can live in groups, are not nocturnal, super friendly, and are desert animals so they drink and per less and this their cages can go weeks between cleanings. Guinea pigs are also awesome since they are bigger. We have both!


    1. Amy, I was thinking the same thing about gerbils. I had one growing up. I may be a gerbil, too. Can’t do guinea pigs, though. Something about them gives me the heeberjeebees!


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