The greatest news EVER!

The greatest news EVER!

And no….Austin is not sleeping through the night…

You should know that I was supposed to be writing the August book review tonight, but instead I interrupt the regularly scheduled post to bring you some amazing news!

This is actually the best thing to happen since jeggings and mankini’s, people. Are you ready for this?

The Oxford online dictionary has added the word “vajazzle” as one of its new words for 2012!


All of my prayers have been answered! Amen.

Now, I can throw vajazzle out in any conversation because, people, it is a word!

vajazzle, v.:adorn the pubic area with crystals, glitter, or other decoration

Oxford even goes on to say you can use “vajazzle” as a noun. Apparently, it is ok to say “vajazzling.” Good to know, my friends…

However, my question is can we throw on an “ly” and make it an adverb? Vajazzly sounds good, too, right? It works. *shrugs*

Also, you have to check it out just to see the probable origin of the word. I’ll make it suspenseful for you and let you check it out yourself. I don’t know why this is so funny to me, but it is. And no, I haven’t drank (yet) any wine tonight.


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