In response to the awesome advice my mommy friends gave me

In response to the awesome advice my mommy friends gave me

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my mommy friends who commented with some advice/understanding about what’s going on in this house at night!

So, here’s the story. The long version…

Jamie is a daddy’s girl and therefore I have staked claims on Austin. He’s all mine whether he likes it or not and so he may be a little coddled. Ok, let’s be honest here…both my kids are spoiled rotten because I thought I couldn’t have kids, but here I am with 2 and I am so ever thankful that I do whatever they want!

I’m not one to let my kids cry it out, anyhow. Especially so young. So, I’ve always just woken up with them and given them what they needed. Like food, love, attention, whatever. This seemed ok with Jamie. She was very simple. Ate at the scheduled times the scheduled amount; slept through the night by 3 months old; barely cried unless she was sick or needed something. Not even then, really, cause I anticipated what she needed before she cried so we never got to that point.

Then, I had a boy.

I know nothing about boys. I realize now they are needier. I think they are also more sensitive because they can’t handle pain like girls do (all us girls know that, even if they won’t admit it!). Plus, Austin loves his mommy because he’s my mama’s boy, remember? And, he’s teething (boy pain). And, he’s probably going through a growth spurt (hence his giant status).

I was hoping there was a trick to getting bad sleepers to sleep, but I think this will just have play out.

See, honestly I don’t mind waking up for my children.


I do it happily and I never ask Matt to help. I don’t feel I need him to most of the time because I enjoy taking care of them.

However, I have never been able to get used to my work schedule (even before kids). Having to be up every two hours and then up for good at 4 am most days is not making things easier. In fact, it’s making me feel crazy.

I’ve had to ask Matt to help me. Now he feels crazy, too. We’re a hot mess since I’ve been back to work.

Austin is just a different child than Jamie, of course. What’s actually funny about this, is that I know all kids are different. I teach that in my child growth development course. It’s still kind of shocking how true that is in real life though, you know?

He is the sweetest, even if he is making me slightly certifiable. I feel so blessed to have him. I’m also going to feel blessed when he wakes me up at all hours of the night to…


Hang out….


***side note: last night when I was trying to put him to bed he kept giggling every time I came over to him. Ok, that’s adorable even if I was kind of sleep walking while taking care of him.***


Anyway, it was only 4 years ago I was told that I had only a 1% chance of having kids on my own. And yet, there came Austin (on his own) against all the odds.

I will keep reminding myself of this when I have done everything to get him to stay asleep, such as the teething tablets (thanks, Maria!) and the swaddling (thanks, Candi!). I hope it works. And since I know I’m not the only person to have ever gone through this (thanks Aja and Rhiannon!) it is a little easier knowing that.

I will just have to rely on wine time to get through this phase. This is a phase, right???

Also, that Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne is helping….”Aricious!” (as Jamie says). And, it’s pink! Everyone knows pink is better. Just sayin…


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