My 2 hour buddy

My 2 hour buddy

I was wondering if any of my mommy blogger friends have some insight for me.

See this adorable chunky monkey?

He likes to wake up every two hours in the middle of the night to hang out with mommy.

Here’s my problem (besides the fact that I wake up at 5 am for work): he weighs 18 1/2 pounds. Doesn’t he have enough fat stores to keep him asleep at night? No, really! I’m serious!

My ped suggested feeding him cereal now that he’s 4 months old and double his birth weight. Well, that was a BIG fail…



So, I’m going to wait a little longer for that. He’s just not ready.

I tried eliminating an afternoon nap (even though this makes him VERY cranky). Basically, I just had a cranky baby in the evening and still he woke up every 2 hours.

I tried feeding him more before putting him to bed at night.

Still didn’t work.

I keep him nice and warm at night, but I don’t swaddle him (he freaks!).

I’m fresh out of ideas and was hoping you people have some ideas for me. Truthfully, I’m desperate because I am SO tired. However, I am not crazy enough to start putting whiskey on his gums or give him Benadryl, so none of that kind of advice, please!

Well, I will joke about giving him whiskey, but I won’t actually do it. 🙂


A mommy so tired she may actually pay someone a million dollars so that she can take a very long uninterrupted nap.

Or, just…

10 thoughts on “My 2 hour buddy

  1. Does he eat and then go right back to sleep? Holder was also a large baby and he also woke up a lot to eat. Miller was a small baby and did the same. I wish I had some advice, but I honestly think some kids just need to eat a lot, round the clock. I also think boys tend to be worse sleepers than girls. Not always the case, but it seems to mostly be that way. Sorry I don’t have advice, but I have been there. It gets better. 4 months is still really young and I never got a lot of sleep when my kids were that age 😦


    1. Aja, he does eat and then sleep but the last few days he stays up for about 1-2 hours at the 3:30-4 mark to just “hang out” and that’s where I’ve had some problems. I think it must be boys…they are higher maintenance, maybe. Hence, the “man cold.” lol! Also, your boys are adorable!


  2. Have you tried swaddling? My son won’t sleep for longer periods unless his arms are swaddled (We leave his legs untucked. He has a fit if he can’t move his legs.). Also, what time is he being put to bed? We put our baby down around 11:00 pm and he sleeps until 5am. If we put him to bed any earlier he wakes up multiple times. I hope you are able to get more sleep soon!


    1. Candi, welcome! I haven’t tried not swaddling the legs. In general, he doesn’t like swaddling, but I’ll try your method. He has a couple times gone to sleep at 11 and woken up at 5, but that’s not a normal thing for him. I’m usually in bed before that, but maybe Matt can handle that for me and see if it works! I’ll try anything!!!


  3. I don’t know what to say. Eli is pulling the same crap lately! He is waking every 3 hours. I tried cereal in the bottle last night and he still woke up! I only did half a tablespoon so I am trying a tablespoon tonight! I am so tired! I am hoping it’s a just a growth spurt or something.


  4. So I’m late to the party, BUT I have a great snoozer and have done a ton of research. I love moms on call and will share some of the tips that have worked in an email. Also love the tips on hello


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