Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Guess what I did today, peoples?!

You know, besides the usual saving lives by educating young persons. Totally joking on that one! If I’m honest here, lives were actually spared more than they were saved. But I digress…

About today, it seems I can do the impossible after all!

For some reason I caught (got? grew?) a wild hair up my butt and decided to take the kids to go pick up my prescription.


By myself.

Two kids.

And then, I decided I needed to go to the pet store and pick up some cat food. Why not?


By myself.

Two kids.

THEN, I see Toy’s R Us, and remember I need to pick up a birthday present.

Why the hell not? One more stop won’t hurt.

And, it didn’t. Well, except for the part where I almost shoplifted 3 gallons of water. That was totally an accident, though.

Baby water is 3 for $2 at the TRU by the way…


People, I try never to leave the house alone with two children under two, but you know it wasn’t that bad. Jamie likes sitting in the cart, and Grumpapotamous was having a shiny moment.

Obviously, this was a fluke. I’m going back to my plan of staying indoors until the kids are in middle school, but I did have a super mom moment tonight and it felt fantastic!

Also, hopefully that hair up my butt is not gray. I’m pretty sure my grey hairs are multiplying like crazy. I just plucked a grey eyebrow hair out this morning. I know. This doesn’t bode well for 29ish.


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