Austin is 4 months old!!

Austin is 4 months old!!





Weight: 18 lb. 4 oz. (>97%)
Length: 26 1/2 in. (>97%)
Head: 17.5 in. (>97%)


So, I make em big!

Austin is now in 9 month clothing!! Yeah. We have ourselves a football player, people!

I’d love to tell you that Austin is no longer cranky and that he’s sleeping through the night. BUT, anyway…..

Austin is a very happy and loving baby (when he’s not cranky). He loves to watch his big sister and laugh at her silliness. He loves kisses and snuggling. He really is a sweety!

In the last month, Austin has been grabbing at toy’s hanging from his car seat or on his play mat. He’s very observant and interested in putting things in his mouth (hence the chubby chipmunk cheeks). He’s not rolling over, yet, but he’s trying! I think it’s safe to say he’s got a little extra weight holding him back!

Lately, Austin is very interested in sitting up. I feel pretty confident that he will be by the 5 month mark. He’s SO close to sitting up on his own, but he does kind of have a big head, so you know…


We’ve been putting Austin in his high chair with his favorite crazy chew toy and he seems to enjoy it. I think he’s going to love his high chair when it’s time for him to eat solids!


Austin also discovered his feet this month.


Look how much he loves a nice warm bath!


Lies! He actually hates baths, I just caught him in a good moment…

Sweet sleeper…


Ok, yeah…he’s really not a good sleeper, eirher. Maybe one day, right? Right?! He is taking longer nap stretches then he used, so that’s an improvement.

How can you not love that adorable face, though??


This picture doesn’t do him justice, but Austin actually has very pretty blue eyes! Still not sure if they are here to stay, but I hope so! Let’s also hope Drools Magee cuts a tooth by next month so he can cheer up a little!


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