Around the world in 80 drinks playdate

Around the world in 80 drinks playdate

Sooooo, Rhiannon and I had our first play date after going back to work.

It was necessary.


Last week’s playdate is brought you from South Africa!!

Fancy, right?! (it was a tough week for the both of us. It was definitely a champagne kind of day!)

Anyway, I’d love to tell you the bubbly tasted like flowers and all that, but truthfully I don’t remember what it was like. All I can say is that when it went down it was like sweet baby Jesus came down in his BYOB onesie and sang to me in his best rasta man voice, “Every little thing gonna be alright…”

Whoa! I totally just crossed a line, right? But, you have to admit that is a funny visual.

Even though baby Jesus was serenading me, I didn’t forget to get a picture of the boys!


On a side note, don’t be fooled by the $1.99 price tag on the freezer Arbor Mist wine that just came out. It’s delicious.


Yes. There is irony in the cup. It only makes sense, though, when you consider that’s the reason I drink!


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