Austin’s first double date!

Austin’s first double date!

So yeah, yesterday I may have been grumpy but it wasn’t all bad. After all, I did get to see one of my favorite sorority sisters, Sarah, and her baby James!

You may remember all those baby showers I went to while I was pregnant. Well, Sarah’s was one of those. We were (and still are) so excited to both be having (ok, random note, but my auto correct jut wrote in “bacon” for “having.” Bastard! Obviously, WordPress knows I’m on a diet!) boys around the same age. Future Gator linebackers?

Yesterday, they met for the first time and it was oh, so, sweet!

Holding hands…

And my personal favorite…their double date with the twins, Sophie and Sophie!


It was so sweet and definitely the highlight of my week! Now, if only we could convince Sarah’s husband to move them back to Florida so we can get our neighbor houses in Lansbrook! In fact, I think I’ll name it Operation Lansbrook! That’s something to look forward to!

Also, don’t fret about the summer being over. Rhiannon and I are still having our drinking play dates. They appear to be necessary now that we’re both back to school!


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