Times are changing

Times are changing

This morning I woke up to find Jamie mounted with one leg over each side of the crib like she was riding a horse. I know this is what she was doing because I heard her on the monitor saying, “Yee-ha!. Gidyup, hosie,” (she doesn’t say the “r” very well).

This afternoon when I had both her and Austin on the rocking chair and I was making it rock, I accidentally pushed it a little too forcefully. Jamie said, “Crazy mama!”

Then she said, “I want book!”

I handed her a book, she opened it to the last page and exclaimed, “The End!” She then promptly closed the book and put it down.

I sure am going to miss this girl when I go back to work next week….


****Update: As I made her dinner, Jamie made herself some “food” and says, “I making food. I hungry. Aricious!” (That’s “delicious” in Jamie speak). *tears*. Monday morning is going to be tough!!



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