Pedicures and Cocktails

Pedicures and Cocktails

Rhiannon and I opted out of our usual playdate party so we could get the Hell out of the house (without the kids)!! Woot, woot!

Since my feet were in dire need of some TLC, I suggested a pedicure.


That’s Shellac, people. Do you think it will last at least a year? Who knows when the next time I can get out of the house will be…(actually it’s this weekend, but that’s a whole other post!)

Afterwards we headed over to BJ’s for a couple of cocktails during their happy hour. Since I’m trying to watch my baby weight, I ordered the Skinny Rita. Rhiannon got the regular Rita.


Turns out, that around these parts, “skinny” means smaller. Touché, BJ’s. You got me!

I switched over to beers after that, thankyouverymuch. Two can play at this game. Screw you, carbs!! I’m not afraid of you now that I’ve had a Skinny Rita.

And, so you know, I got home before midnight. I fell asleep just after midnight, and was promptly woken up by a party who shall remain nameless at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, and then again for good measure at 6:30 am. When he fell back asleep at 7:30 am it was just in time for Jamie to be her bright smiley morning self.

So, yeah. That’s why it kind of sucks to go out drinking when you are a mom. I get it, now. Next time, Rhiannon and I are going to get a hotel room so we can take a nap on our mom’s night out!


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