In response to the awesome advice my mommy friends gave me

In response to the awesome advice my mommy friends gave me

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my mommy friends who commented with some advice/understanding about what’s going on in this house at night!

So, here’s the story. The long version…

Jamie is a daddy’s girl and therefore I have staked claims on Austin. He’s all mine whether he likes it or not and so he may be a little coddled. Ok, let’s be honest here…both my kids are spoiled rotten because I thought I couldn’t have kids, but here I am with 2 and I am so ever thankful that I do whatever they want!

I’m not one to let my kids cry it out, anyhow. Especially so young. So, I’ve always just woken up with them and given them what they needed. Like food, love, attention, whatever. This seemed ok with Jamie. She was very simple. Ate at the scheduled times the scheduled amount; slept through the night by 3 months old; barely cried unless she was sick or needed something. Not even then, really, cause I anticipated what she needed before she cried so we never got to that point.

Then, I had a boy.

I know nothing about boys. I realize now they are needier. I think they are also more sensitive because they can’t handle pain like girls do (all us girls know that, even if they won’t admit it!). Plus, Austin loves his mommy because he’s my mama’s boy, remember? And, he’s teething (boy pain). And, he’s probably going through a growth spurt (hence his giant status).

I was hoping there was a trick to getting bad sleepers to sleep, but I think this will just have play out.

See, honestly I don’t mind waking up for my children.


I do it happily and I never ask Matt to help. I don’t feel I need him to most of the time because I enjoy taking care of them.

However, I have never been able to get used to my work schedule (even before kids). Having to be up every two hours and then up for good at 4 am most days is not making things easier. In fact, it’s making me feel crazy.

I’ve had to ask Matt to help me. Now he feels crazy, too. We’re a hot mess since I’ve been back to work.

Austin is just a different child than Jamie, of course. What’s actually funny about this, is that I know all kids are different. I teach that in my child growth development course. It’s still kind of shocking how true that is in real life though, you know?

He is the sweetest, even if he is making me slightly certifiable. I feel so blessed to have him. I’m also going to feel blessed when he wakes me up at all hours of the night to…


Hang out….


***side note: last night when I was trying to put him to bed he kept giggling every time I came over to him. Ok, that’s adorable even if I was kind of sleep walking while taking care of him.***


Anyway, it was only 4 years ago I was told that I had only a 1% chance of having kids on my own. And yet, there came Austin (on his own) against all the odds.

I will keep reminding myself of this when I have done everything to get him to stay asleep, such as the teething tablets (thanks, Maria!) and the swaddling (thanks, Candi!). I hope it works. And since I know I’m not the only person to have ever gone through this (thanks Aja and Rhiannon!) it is a little easier knowing that.

I will just have to rely on wine time to get through this phase. This is a phase, right???

Also, that Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne is helping….”Aricious!” (as Jamie says). And, it’s pink! Everyone knows pink is better. Just sayin…


My 2 hour buddy

My 2 hour buddy

I was wondering if any of my mommy blogger friends have some insight for me.

See this adorable chunky monkey?

He likes to wake up every two hours in the middle of the night to hang out with mommy.

Here’s my problem (besides the fact that I wake up at 5 am for work): he weighs 18 1/2 pounds. Doesn’t he have enough fat stores to keep him asleep at night? No, really! I’m serious!

My ped suggested feeding him cereal now that he’s 4 months old and double his birth weight. Well, that was a BIG fail…



So, I’m going to wait a little longer for that. He’s just not ready.

I tried eliminating an afternoon nap (even though this makes him VERY cranky). Basically, I just had a cranky baby in the evening and still he woke up every 2 hours.

I tried feeding him more before putting him to bed at night.

Still didn’t work.

I keep him nice and warm at night, but I don’t swaddle him (he freaks!).

I’m fresh out of ideas and was hoping you people have some ideas for me. Truthfully, I’m desperate because I am SO tired. However, I am not crazy enough to start putting whiskey on his gums or give him Benadryl, so none of that kind of advice, please!

Well, I will joke about giving him whiskey, but I won’t actually do it. 🙂


A mommy so tired she may actually pay someone a million dollars so that she can take a very long uninterrupted nap.

Or, just…

Hurricane Party

Hurricane Party

In honor of Isaac, both kids slept in until 8:45 am. Also, I got all the laundry done, the sheets changed, and the bathrooms cleaned. AND, I drank an entire bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine this weekend. Not all at the same time, folks. Just wanted to put that out there…

While I was drinking those drinks, I really couldn’t help but think (through my clear and very intelligent mind) just how lucky Matt is to have me. I mean, I have a gift. That gift is the appreciation of cheap wine and bubbly.

I could be all snooty and only drink the expensive and vintage wine. Not me. I go to the grocery store and I’m all, “Oh, look! That bottle has the cutest little
Flip Flop image on the bottle. And, it has a screw top! Perfect! Wait…it’s on sale for $6.99? Score!”

So, Matt. To you I say, “You’re Welcome!”

Also, I’m really not digging all those reports that drinking alone means you’re an alcoholic. How bout we give a working mommy a break!? Someone’s got to stay home with the kids. The only time I have is when they go to sleep. Hello!! Drinking home alone may also mean that Mama needs a little r&r. Know what I mean?

Also, on a totally and yet not really unrelated note, I had an awesome idea for an ecard meme I’m thinking about submitting. Matt thinks it’s stupid. If he’d had some of my wine he’d be thinking differently. Just sayin…


And so we are having a “hurricane, as they say…

And so we are having a “hurricane, as they say…

We’re having a so-called hurricane day tomorrow thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac.

I posted this status on FB today:

Dear Isaac,

Thank you for not pummeling straight through Tampa Bay, and yet still getting me a day off of work tomorrow. Appreesh (as my students would say)!



Seriously?! It’s like baby Jesus heard all my whiny cries last week and granted me a day off just for being me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I know I’m a big whiny baby for needing a day off after only being back at work for two weeks, but I really needed it. Ahhhh…now to “sleep-in” (sort of) until 7 am. It’s going to be uh-mazing!

(I may even go read some of my bible tonight-for reals!)


Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Guess what I did today, peoples?!

You know, besides the usual saving lives by educating young persons. Totally joking on that one! If I’m honest here, lives were actually spared more than they were saved. But I digress…

About today, it seems I can do the impossible after all!

For some reason I caught (got? grew?) a wild hair up my butt and decided to take the kids to go pick up my prescription.


By myself.

Two kids.

And then, I decided I needed to go to the pet store and pick up some cat food. Why not?


By myself.

Two kids.

THEN, I see Toy’s R Us, and remember I need to pick up a birthday present.

Why the hell not? One more stop won’t hurt.

And, it didn’t. Well, except for the part where I almost shoplifted 3 gallons of water. That was totally an accident, though.

Baby water is 3 for $2 at the TRU by the way…


People, I try never to leave the house alone with two children under two, but you know it wasn’t that bad. Jamie likes sitting in the cart, and Grumpapotamous was having a shiny moment.

Obviously, this was a fluke. I’m going back to my plan of staying indoors until the kids are in middle school, but I did have a super mom moment tonight and it felt fantastic!

Also, hopefully that hair up my butt is not gray. I’m pretty sure my grey hairs are multiplying like crazy. I just plucked a grey eyebrow hair out this morning. I know. This doesn’t bode well for 29ish.


Austin is 4 months old!!

Austin is 4 months old!!





Weight: 18 lb. 4 oz. (>97%)
Length: 26 1/2 in. (>97%)
Head: 17.5 in. (>97%)


So, I make em big!

Austin is now in 9 month clothing!! Yeah. We have ourselves a football player, people!

I’d love to tell you that Austin is no longer cranky and that he’s sleeping through the night. BUT, anyway…..

Austin is a very happy and loving baby (when he’s not cranky). He loves to watch his big sister and laugh at her silliness. He loves kisses and snuggling. He really is a sweety!

In the last month, Austin has been grabbing at toy’s hanging from his car seat or on his play mat. He’s very observant and interested in putting things in his mouth (hence the chubby chipmunk cheeks). He’s not rolling over, yet, but he’s trying! I think it’s safe to say he’s got a little extra weight holding him back!

Lately, Austin is very interested in sitting up. I feel pretty confident that he will be by the 5 month mark. He’s SO close to sitting up on his own, but he does kind of have a big head, so you know…


We’ve been putting Austin in his high chair with his favorite crazy chew toy and he seems to enjoy it. I think he’s going to love his high chair when it’s time for him to eat solids!


Austin also discovered his feet this month.


Look how much he loves a nice warm bath!


Lies! He actually hates baths, I just caught him in a good moment…

Sweet sleeper…


Ok, yeah…he’s really not a good sleeper, eirher. Maybe one day, right? Right?! He is taking longer nap stretches then he used, so that’s an improvement.

How can you not love that adorable face, though??


This picture doesn’t do him justice, but Austin actually has very pretty blue eyes! Still not sure if they are here to stay, but I hope so! Let’s also hope Drools Magee cuts a tooth by next month so he can cheer up a little!


I’m still alive!!

I’m still alive!!

Well, I made it through the first day of school with kids!!!

I mean, let’s be real here:

1) I’m beyond exhaustion to maximum proportions. Is the Zombie Apocalypse here, yet?

2) I’m super anxious and stressed about the school year and we are on day one. As in, “Xanax, please!” kind of anxious.

3) The construction in my room was completed at the ninth hour so my students were lucky to have a place to sit today.

4) Somehow I inherited a pet hamster named Rambo this afternoon . He’s staying at school. I think two cats, two babies AND a hamster would put me over the edge. Know what I mean??

5) I promised my students I won’t get pregnant this school year. Do you know that I was pregnant:

-At the end of the 2009-2010 school year
-At the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year
-At the end of the 2010-2011 school year
-The entire 2011-2012 school year.

Yeah. I’m not exactly the sweetest pregnant lady, so when they laughed I know they were relieved.

Also, thankfully that was not just one pregnancy (although it feels like it) or that would have REALLY sucked!

6) I got one of my “turd” (as my neighbor teacher refers to) students back again this year. This is baffling to me because she hates me and my class. So, today I told one of my friends that I was confused as to how I could get this student back in my class for a THIRD year. As in 3 years! Did I mention my class is an elective? Anyhow, my friend says maybe she doesn’t really hate me and I just think she does. She asks me why I think that.

My response: “because she has told me numerous times, “I hate you and this class.””

So, there you have it folks. Clearly she chooses my class every year just to torture me. Or, she secretly loves me (highly doubt this). At least this makes for yet another super exciting year in a row where I throw a mini party in my head every time she’s absent, right?

Keeps my on my toes!

7) I have 7 boy students this year! That’s a pretty big number although I think that will be down to at least 5 by tomorrow. A couple looked super terrified when they realized what really went on in my class. One actually got choked up when I asked him a question. I thought he was going to bolt, but instead he said, “I never take no class like this before. I didn’t even know we had a preschool!”

Yeah. I don’t think he’ll be there tomorrow.

Let’s hope tomorrow is another uneventful day and that I don’t get any more rodents. Someone also tried to pawn a guinea pig off me today but that’s were I had to draw the line and decline! Bleh!