The Worst Mommy Award goes to…..

The Worst Mommy Award goes to…..

I have just tried to put a very overtired, yawning, red eye rubbing baby to sleep for the past hour to no avail.

It seems like since I’m on round two of this whole mommy thing that I would’ve been able to put an already sleepy baby to sleep in just seconds, right? WRONG!

I did everything. And, I mean everything. This included making the swing do things it’s not supposed to do and topping off the baby with an extra feeding. I was shushing and doing my best to keep the extra super loud toddler voice to as low of an octave as I could. When Austin kept crying and the anonymous toddler couldn’t seem to talk in a normal voice and I thought I was going to lose it, I even sat on the stairs for a minute to remind myself it was only 11 am and too early for wine recollect myself.

The good news is that he’s finally asleep now that I’ve removed the plastic tag that was in the back of his onesie.


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