Around the world in 80 drinks playdate (times 2)

Around the world in 80 drinks playdate (times 2)

I’ve been having some posting issues with my blog.

The bad news is that my last play date post didn’t come through. 😦

The good news is that this time you get two. TWO! I know, right!

Last week’s play date is brought to you by the good ole USofA.


Hello, Napa Valley. I hope to get a nice tour of you on a bus with a proper DD so I can get smashed and happy, one day (phew, run on!) I don’t spit out wine, people. That’s a waste. There are mom’s in Ethiopia who don’t get wine.

It was delicious and I would have drank more, but I drove this time, so I savored my drink like a good mom and then got the baby to sleep in time to take the kids out for a hella bad dinner with Matt. Fyi- We will not be going out to dinner alone with the babies again unless we have a team of 6 (at least) to help us. It was a good thing I had that wine before dinner or some people wouldn’t have made it out of the restaurant. Know what I mean??

I think I smelled the wine, but since I am not wine classy, I got confused and just drank it instead.

This week’s play date was brought to you by Australia.



I had no idea.

You are AMAZING!

Well, truthfully, Australia didn’t have to do much as I was already happy cause I got a shower that day for the first time in a while…


But, seriously. How delicious you were! When I smelled you, it smelled of blackberries, cigar box and mint.

Ok, I didn’t smell that, but that’s what the wine bottle suggested.


Thankfully, it didn’t taste like cigar box. Not like I know what that tastes like, but I’m going to go ahead and get a little almighty and say that I’m not interested.

Since I had a couple of DD’s we went ahead of finished off the bottle.


Joking, people! They totally don’t know how to drive and anyhow the play date was at my house!

I think next week we’re going to ditch the kids for the next play date. Does that still count as a play date? Oops.


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