Oh, Life!

Oh, Life!

Just when I start getting all bummed out cause the clock is starting to wind down and I gotta get myself back into Teacher mode, something wonderful happens…


I got this in the mail today from a fellow co-worker at my school.

Can you believe it?!

I am blessed to have such a supportive family and group of friends, that I never had a shower for Austin. I didn’t need one, honestly. I already had so much. Some of my friends at school did take me on a luncheon and that was very special.

This package I received today was from a teacher that I don’t see or speak to often. She is a Spanish teacher at school whose assigned parking spot is next to mine. She always asks me about Jamie and chit chats with me, but I can honestly say that I don’t otherwise see her often. I don’t even know where she lives! So, you can imagine my surprise to receive not only beautiful clothing for Austin, but a birthday card for me. I have never felt so in awe and incredulous of such a gift! What a truly kind and thoughtful person!

On a side note, Jamie started calling me “Mom,” today… *sniffle*

I don’t know why this is sad to me, but it is!!!

Actually, she said, “Hey, Mom. I like da Kitty cat!” (referring to the Hello Kitty basket I gave her that held an edible arrangement from the best sister-in-law’s EVER!)


My sassy girl trying to run from me before her bath. She’s got only the essentials with her: tutu, necklaces, Hello Kitty basket. I mean, the basket is really useful for washing off the soap, no? Tutu and necklaces are just a given. Hey, she has a mom that used to work out in full hair and make-up. What do you expect?


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