5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Sooooooo… this weekend Matt celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was sweet and fun and a reminder of how far 5 years will get you when you go from single to married with 2 kids in a flash!


5 years ago I also turned 29 since I got married 3 days before my birthday. So, today is the 5 year anniversary of my 29th birthday, too…

Me on my 29th birthday honeymoon:


Me on the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday.


It’s no secret that I’ve stopped aging since that day. For reals, but I think Domestic Diva says it best.

Anywho, after a dinner out from Hell recently with two kids under two, I chose a kid friendly place for my big “anniversary” celebration.


It’s where a kid can be a brat kid, but it’s also where a melt down can happen and no one will be the wiser because it is so freaking loud in there. It’s also where mommy’s can drink a wine or two (no more than two, though, thanks to the limits, unless you get your DD to use their ID to get you a few more *wink, wink*) and still be cool cause your kids can’t sneak out without your matching invisible stamp. AND, it’s also where I used to hang out and steal borrow beer/wine/cotton candy (in that order) cause I used to work there in high school!!!! No JOKE!

So, see?! It really was an anniversary. You could say it was the 25th anniversary of my 9th birthday, if you will. Or, if that sounds too creepy let’s say the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday. Or, just a dinner of pizza and wine? Whatevs. Just don’t say 34 because that’s depressing. I mean nothing a little Lipo and some retail therapy couldn’t fix, but until then let’s just go with 5th anniversary….


By the way, this is all 220 tix can get you these days. (in case you were wondering)



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