Book Review: Water for Elephants (Finally!)

Book Review: Water for Elephants (Finally!)

Alright, so I’m finally posting my thoughts on the April book choice. Better late than never, but honestly, it was dumb of me to even choose a book that month while having a baby and all. Oh, well. Here we go….


Soooooo, what can I say??

I mean, it is an excellent book. Hence why they made the movie, right?

I really liked the character development. I like how there are the two stories of the past and present going, but not in an inturruptive way which I believe is difficult to do.

I think the book is exciting. There doesn’t ever really seem to be a lull. The story is always keeping you interested.

It is witty.

It is romantic.

It has a (sort-of) happy ending (one of my criteria for a good story as I’m an optimist and a romantic).

I give it two thumbs up.

Good Job, Sara!

As for the movie, I loved it just as equally. I love Reese Witherspoon and I thought she was the perfect choice for the role. I’m not all drooly drooly over the Pattinson boy, but I think he ended up being a perfect choice for his character, also. Shocking, but I may have even found him charming in the movie. I know. Right??

What did you think??




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