The Worst Mommy Award goes to…..

The Worst Mommy Award goes to…..

I have just tried to put a very overtired, yawning, red eye rubbing baby to sleep for the past hour to no avail.

It seems like since I’m on round two of this whole mommy thing that I would’ve been able to put an already sleepy baby to sleep in just seconds, right? WRONG!

I did everything. And, I mean everything. This included making the swing do things it’s not supposed to do and topping off the baby with an extra feeding. I was shushing and doing my best to keep the extra super loud toddler voice to as low of an octave as I could. When Austin kept crying and the anonymous toddler couldn’t seem to talk in a normal voice and I thought I was going to lose it, I even sat on the stairs for a minute to remind myself it was only 11 am and too early for wine recollect myself.

The good news is that he’s finally asleep now that I’ve removed the plastic tag that was in the back of his onesie.


Around the world in 80 drinks playdate (times 2)

Around the world in 80 drinks playdate (times 2)

I’ve been having some posting issues with my blog.

The bad news is that my last play date post didn’t come through. 😦

The good news is that this time you get two. TWO! I know, right!

Last week’s play date is brought to you by the good ole USofA.


Hello, Napa Valley. I hope to get a nice tour of you on a bus with a proper DD so I can get smashed and happy, one day (phew, run on!) I don’t spit out wine, people. That’s a waste. There are mom’s in Ethiopia who don’t get wine.

It was delicious and I would have drank more, but I drove this time, so I savored my drink like a good mom and then got the baby to sleep in time to take the kids out for a hella bad dinner with Matt. Fyi- We will not be going out to dinner alone with the babies again unless we have a team of 6 (at least) to help us. It was a good thing I had that wine before dinner or some people wouldn’t have made it out of the restaurant. Know what I mean??

I think I smelled the wine, but since I am not wine classy, I got confused and just drank it instead.

This week’s play date was brought to you by Australia.



I had no idea.

You are AMAZING!

Well, truthfully, Australia didn’t have to do much as I was already happy cause I got a shower that day for the first time in a while…


But, seriously. How delicious you were! When I smelled you, it smelled of blackberries, cigar box and mint.

Ok, I didn’t smell that, but that’s what the wine bottle suggested.


Thankfully, it didn’t taste like cigar box. Not like I know what that tastes like, but I’m going to go ahead and get a little almighty and say that I’m not interested.

Since I had a couple of DD’s we went ahead of finished off the bottle.


Joking, people! They totally don’t know how to drive and anyhow the play date was at my house!

I think next week we’re going to ditch the kids for the next play date. Does that still count as a play date? Oops.


Ravellenic Games 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012

So, you may not know this about me (or you may have figured it out by now), but I am a closet wanna be knitter.

I mean, I guess I can knit. I did make this hat Austin wore in the hospital and a few others as well:


However, I want to make MORE. Like purses and toys and cowls. You know. cool knit stuff that people buy on etsy. Since I need to work on some of my knitting skillz, I went ahead and joined the Ravellenic Games 2012 on Ravelry.

I’ve asked to be on Team Hopelessly Optimistic. Hopefully, I get in cause ya know…I have 2 young children and I’m about to start back to work. 😦

Tonight we were supposed to cast on for the opening ceremonies and I DID!


I know. You’re impressed.

You’re welcome.

Now let’s hope this pretty yarn turns into a pretty scarf before the Summer Olympics end.

Oh. And, Go Gators!!


Oh, Life!

Oh, Life!

Just when I start getting all bummed out cause the clock is starting to wind down and I gotta get myself back into Teacher mode, something wonderful happens…


I got this in the mail today from a fellow co-worker at my school.

Can you believe it?!

I am blessed to have such a supportive family and group of friends, that I never had a shower for Austin. I didn’t need one, honestly. I already had so much. Some of my friends at school did take me on a luncheon and that was very special.

This package I received today was from a teacher that I don’t see or speak to often. She is a Spanish teacher at school whose assigned parking spot is next to mine. She always asks me about Jamie and chit chats with me, but I can honestly say that I don’t otherwise see her often. I don’t even know where she lives! So, you can imagine my surprise to receive not only beautiful clothing for Austin, but a birthday card for me. I have never felt so in awe and incredulous of such a gift! What a truly kind and thoughtful person!

On a side note, Jamie started calling me “Mom,” today… *sniffle*

I don’t know why this is sad to me, but it is!!!

Actually, she said, “Hey, Mom. I like da Kitty cat!” (referring to the Hello Kitty basket I gave her that held an edible arrangement from the best sister-in-law’s EVER!)


My sassy girl trying to run from me before her bath. She’s got only the essentials with her: tutu, necklaces, Hello Kitty basket. I mean, the basket is really useful for washing off the soap, no? Tutu and necklaces are just a given. Hey, she has a mom that used to work out in full hair and make-up. What do you expect?


5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Sooooooo… this weekend Matt celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was sweet and fun and a reminder of how far 5 years will get you when you go from single to married with 2 kids in a flash!


5 years ago I also turned 29 since I got married 3 days before my birthday. So, today is the 5 year anniversary of my 29th birthday, too…

Me on my 29th birthday honeymoon:


Me on the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday.


It’s no secret that I’ve stopped aging since that day. For reals, but I think Domestic Diva says it best.

Anywho, after a dinner out from Hell recently with two kids under two, I chose a kid friendly place for my big “anniversary” celebration.


It’s where a kid can be a brat kid, but it’s also where a melt down can happen and no one will be the wiser because it is so freaking loud in there. It’s also where mommy’s can drink a wine or two (no more than two, though, thanks to the limits, unless you get your DD to use their ID to get you a few more *wink, wink*) and still be cool cause your kids can’t sneak out without your matching invisible stamp. AND, it’s also where I used to hang out and steal borrow beer/wine/cotton candy (in that order) cause I used to work there in high school!!!! No JOKE!

So, see?! It really was an anniversary. You could say it was the 25th anniversary of my 9th birthday, if you will. Or, if that sounds too creepy let’s say the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday. Or, just a dinner of pizza and wine? Whatevs. Just don’t say 34 because that’s depressing. I mean nothing a little Lipo and some retail therapy couldn’t fix, but until then let’s just go with 5th anniversary….


By the way, this is all 220 tix can get you these days. (in case you were wondering)



Austin is 3 months old!!

Austin is 3 months old!!





I don’t have any stats this month since Austin doesn’t go back to the ped until next month, but I think it is safe to say he is BIG! I’m pretty sure he is at least 16 pounds. He is now in 6 month clothes and quickly growing out of those! He’s also moving into the size 3 diapers this week!

Austin hasn’t quite grown out of his “grumpy” stage as I hoped he would, but he has many more happy times than he used to. He is such a sweet and snuggly baby. He loves to squeeze his snuggies up to his face and fall asleep holding them. I always make sure to watch him closely and take them away before I go to sleep because he hugs them so close to his face I’m afraid he’ll suffocate!

He has the biggest most adorable smile and the cutest little giggle. He’s super ticklish, so he bursts into giggles when I pull a onesie over his head. He loves getting showered in kisses and his big sister makes him smile quite a bit, too. He always has big smiles for her when she gives him her own sloppy kisses. He’s very interested in everything she does. I can’t wait until they can play together!

Austin is very observant and loves to sit up and see what’s going on. He may not roll over quickly since he’s kind of big, but I know he’ll be sitting up very soon! He’s practically doing it on his own already!! He also enjoys laying on his playmat to see the lights and tapping at the toys. He’s big into playing with toys which something Jamie wasn’t interested in for a while.

Lately, I feel like Austin may be teething. Jamie had two teeth come out about a week after she turned 4 months old. He may follow suit. He’s drooling ALOT and trying to chew on everything!

We’re still having some feeding problems (hard to believe, I know) but it definitely appears he is in pain sometimes when he’s eating. I’m still doing gas drops and gripe water, and trying to feed him less more often throughout the day. I’m looking for a pure organic chamomile to give him, too. It’s not bad enough to give him the Mylanta, in my opinion as he doesn’t spit up more than 5 times a day and he does appear to be improving.

In terms of sleep, we have progress!! Last night he slept 6.5 hours (10:30-5). It was awesome!! If he keeps this up the next few weeks, I won’t be as nervous about going back to work. He’s also been napping in the swing. Naps are keeping him less cranky, I think. I don’t know why he wanted to boycott them previously, but he is sleeping easier now and that makes for a happier baby and mom!

I feel so lucky to have an adorable chubby baby boy to add to our family. I feel like the Heart Family. Remember them? Two parents, a girl, and a boy. I once actually believed that I wouldn’t have these children so granted to say I feel super blessed to be at this point. I have never been happier in my life!