I haven’t been on the Internets for a few days because I have been in hiding…

You know when your hairdresser tells you not to use box hair dye?

What if I told you one day (Wednesday) I got a little desperate?

Long story short, my hair accidentally got dyed black (by said hairdresser, love you Pedro!) right before I had Austin. It was supposed to be chocolate brown but my pregnancy hormone messed it up, but anyhow I totally tried to embrace it. After a few goth jokes from my loving significant other and my sincere hate for that color on my head, I ran towards a box dye as my solution. I don’t want to trash talk the beauty industry, but it was Garnier Nutrisse, a-hem!

Anyway, when all was said and done it was a disaster!

Imagine the possiblity of a bleached out halo around the head. For instance, most people who dye their hair have roots that they’re trying to hide. However, my hair instantly got bleached out roots from the dye, if that’s even possible. What is weird is that the dye was only supposed to bring my hair up one level of color. How it got bleached is a complete mystery. Needless to say, I was a wreck afterwards. I stayed confined to the house for 36 hours until Pedro was available to fix my hair. I didn’t even take a picture of it because I want no proof of it!!

I did take a pic of my new hairdo, though. Disregard the “Where’s Waldo” attire:


If you look at the top you will see some residual halo effect. Trust me when I tell you it is way better now than it was before. Which is good since I have a full agenda of outings this weekend that require me to leave the house (drinks with my bestie tonight, Dad’s Birthday dinner tomorrow, fancy brunch at the Vinoy on Sunday).

Oh, hair! Who knew you had such power over me to force me into hiding for two days! Wine couldn’t even make it all better! *Gasp!*

Moral of the story: let the professionals do it or look like a crazy person with a muffin top! <———someone's pre-pregnancy jeans may be zipping up without Spanx!!!


2 thoughts on “Crisis

  1. I have mastered the box-dye job. No one even notices when I do it, even my hubby (although I’m not sure how much of a compliment that is). The trick (for me) is to find the perfect color and then stick to it. Caramel Brown for me! 🙂

    I do love the new ‘do though! Is this why you said you were out for our play date? 🙂 Uh huh, “jamie’s sick” … hehe


    1. Lol! No, the dye job happened after the playdate time! I have to wait for Matt to get home to do those kinds of things. Also, I wish I was lying about Jamie’s illness. She’s pretty much a certified snot faucet at this point. Not cool-especially when we are going out of town next week to visit family!


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