Around the world in 80 drinks play date!

Around the world in 80 drinks play date!

In an effort to make things more exciting around here (as in at my house) my friend <a href=";Rhiannon who shall remain anonymous and I have implemented a weekly “Around the world in 80 drinks” play date.

Before you judge, you should know that:

1) I totally snagged that title from a reality show on the food network that I love (“Around the world in 80 plates”).

You should watch it.

2) We’re just tasting, not getting drunk!

A max of 5 oz drank with enough time to metabolize before driving.

3) All children are being supervised properly.

No kids jumping into washing machines while moms swirl the bubbly. Pinky swear!

Look… I can see Austin clearly through my wine glass…



Oh, crap!

Where’s Jamie?!

Kidding! She’s upstairs napping!!

This week it was my turn to host. I chose a white table wine from Italy called Pietro. I thought a nice chilled white wine might be fun for the summer. Also, since my palate is refined to $7.99 box wine I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and Total Wine started getting overwhelming and I had kids in tow. So, what if it was one of the first at the front of the store? You’ll be happy to know that I paid a whole $10.99 for it. That’s definitely an upgrade, if you ask me!


I would be remiss if I did not point out that class was not lost and we did smell the wine before tasting. That is what your supposed to do, right? And, it smelled like…wine. With a hint of fruit. Maybe citrus. No. Wine fruit. It smelled like wine fruit. I also may or may not have smelled cork.

I know. Crazy how much my nose could pick up from that.

Also, you should know that we did NOT spit the wine out. That’s probably the right thing to do, but it just seemed wasteful. We are in a bad economy and all and that would be like throwing away food when people are starving. It just seems wrong, you know?

I will give this wine 1 thumbs up. It gets 1 because I drank it, but it was pointed out by my anonymous mommy friend that it’s not so good warm. (We do have kids to take care of after all, people!) it would also be in your best interest to know that I will drink Natty Light and Boone’s, so take the rating lightly!

Looking forward to next week!


6 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 drinks play date!

    1. Sarah, lack of sleep makes me a little coo-coo! However, I do believe all play dates/ kids parties should have just a taste of the adult drinks. Mama needs a little fun, too!


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