What a perfect Father’s Day!

What a perfect Father’s Day!

What a day! Let me run you through the details:

-8 am wake up and feed both kids
-Make Carmel filled brownie bites
-Make key lime squares
-unload/load dishwasher
-change baby
-sit with sick toddler for a few minutes
-attempt to wash bottles
-feed baby again
-try to distract toddler with Yo Yo Gabba Gabba and fail
-change diaper of sick toddler
-attempt to wash bottles again
-finally get baby to sleep
-try to sweep floors around crying sick toddler
-finally wash bottles
-make a quick breakfast while intermittently singing and dancing for bored sick toddler
-make coffee
-set up gifts on table

10 am- coerce toddler to carry jelly upstairs to bring “DaDa” his breakfast in bed


And folks, that’s the only pic I got of today…

Can you believe it!?!

Once we got over to my parents house I continued to spend the day in the kitchen juggling the kids and cooking steaks and chicken breasts and helping my mom with the veggies and fruit salad.

By 4 o’clock I was sure it was midnight cause I was EXHUASTED!

I even pulled out one of my Granny’s old tricks and tried to “rest my eyes” on the couch for a minute but then after about .5 seconds I heard, “Mama? MAma? MAMa? MAMA! MAMA MAMA!”

Jamie totally threw me under the bus. 😦

In other news, my sister got in a few nice pics of the two boys on my phone while I was running around like a crazy person!


Notice they are equally grumpy. Austin is just as big but not as long…we like to call him “husky,” if you will.

Also, I did finally get to sit down and snuggle with Gavin for a few minutes before they headed back to Miami. We look good together, no?


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful daddy’s out there (especially mine and my kids!)


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